Diet for Megaesophagus

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    laurieandhoneyposted 8 months ago

    Diet for Megaesophagus

    My golden was just diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis.  She has Megaesophagus due to her muscle reactions.  I am having problems understanding her diet needs.  I have searched on the internet and some people say use liquid meals, while other say use hamburger balls.  Which is it and how am I supposed to feed her if I don't have a bailey chair as I just found out today?

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    Marisa Wrightposted 8 months ago

    As you're asking this question about a dog, I suggest you ask Dr Mark, our resident vet. 

    The easy way is to go to any of his articles on, and either post a comment or click on the "contact author" link.

    Here's one I picked at random: … ithout-vet