Dog with loose stools for four day.

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    Nursedeb62posted 7 months ago

    Dog with loose stools for four day.

    My dog was sick on Monday, wouldn't eat, vomited four times and didn't drink very much. The next day he ate some chicken and rice, per the vet. Then the third day I still did chicken and some wet food. The fourth day, yesterday, he at a handful of dry with wet dog food. I am concerned that he is still having diarrhea.. he did have a couple "loose" mucousynstool. This has gone on too long now. He seems to feel okay but I'm worried about the diarrhea and I am not financially able to take him to the vet. Any helpful hints?

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    fpherj48posted 7 months ago

    There are HUNDREDS of articles/sites online that will give you sound advice about treating our pets as best as possible at home.  Go research and do the best you can for the poor doggy.  If he has loose stools, keep him hydrated!