How to remove hard/sticky lamb poo

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    tyla1posted 5 months ago

    How to remove hard/sticky lamb poo

    I have a 6 day old lamb that has been drinking 200ml of half and half cows colostrum and water every 4-6 hours , I've just raised it to 250ml and have done have colostrum and water and half milk powder and water, she seems to have very hard sticky poo which is calling up all around her tail and bum and I am concerned she will get all blocked up, I've tried to remove it with warm water but didn't work, any other suggestions?

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    Holly Probertposted 5 months ago

    I would say that if she is doing well, back of the colostrum now and put her on a ewe milk replacer if you can.  There are different views on cows milk for sheep but it has been linked to causing anemia in lambs. As for the poo, I would use quite warm water (not hot enough to burn her but fairly hot) and keep the water on the poo for a while to soften it. I have used baby oil to soften stools before when they get all messy around the back end. I have had quite good results with this. I have also used a small pair of scissors if the poo is attached to wool and I just carefully trim the wool underneath the poo. but this isn't always possible!
    It's really just a case of softening the stool so that it can be removed gently.