My Pet Hamster Chloe!

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    shortygirl29posted 9 years ago

    Hello every1,

    I am new here just signed up. I am glad I found this site.

    Here is my story and questions.

    I have two short haired hamsters. One I bought from the pet store for myself, her name is Chloe and the other was bought about 3 weeks ago as an early birthday present for my son, his name is Leo.

    Well I have a gigantic tub in my bathroom that I dont use so I put Chloe in there as the cage I had was not suitable for her because she could get out by squeezin through the bars so i had her in the tub and put the cage in there so atleast she couldnt roam around the house and get lost or stepped on. Then Leo came and I put him in there also until I could get my son's room setup to put Leo in his room. Of course Leo was in a glass tank at the time and my son left the top off and he got out and 15 days later we had a litter of 12 babies.

    They have been separated since then. The babies were born on July 30th so they are only three days old. I am down to 10 babies now and am wondering why that is. I cannot find them anywhere and wonder has she eaten them? She seems to be takin great care of them. She refused to put them in the cage and she even delivered them in the tub under mounds of toilet paper because thats what she prefers as opposed to the bedding I bought her from the pet store. She wont use that as bedding for the babies.

    I have since purchased a cage suitable for hamsters a 3 story actually and Leo is on the top and I have blocked off the top from the bottom so Chloe and the babies can go down there when they are big enough. At what age should I or can I even move Chloe and the babies to the bottom of the cage or should I just leave them be?


    In response to Animallovers I have no idea what kind of hamster Chloe is as the pet store only has them labeled as short haired hamsters. Maybe I can put a picture of her in here and u can let me know.

    okay so no I cant put an image of chloe here so I will just change my profile pic and put her up there and hopefully u can tell me from that.