Is Turmeric safe to treat a cyst on my cat's paw?

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    ashleylovesbiffposted 8 years ago

    Hello, I have a 16 year old cat. He has developed a small cyst on his paw, about the size of a pea. It is growing, although slowly. It doesn�t bother him at all, but I know the more it grows - it will eventually bother him.

    I am unable to take him in to be seen by a vet, because of his age/weight. He also gets extremely stressed out, has panic attacks, and needs to be sedated. He hasn�t been seen in years for this very reason, and I fear at this point in his life a potential heart attack is not worth risking. I have shown a photo of the cyst to the vet, and he said as I expected that nothing could be done unless he�s seen in his office. Also, there are no vets in my area (or areas surrounded me) that will do a home visit. Aside from all of that, I simply cannot put him through a surgical procedure at his age.

    So, I am searching for a safe home remedy to try. I�ve read about a lot of them, and it�s left me very confused. I�ve read about Turmeric and its use for pet cysts. Is this safe? Should I make a paste and apply it to the cyst, or sprinkle powder on his food? Are there side effects? Once the cyst shrinks, is there a possibility of infection? I�m willing to give anything a try, but I want to be 100% sure it will help, and no chance at all it will worsen his condition.

    Thank you for any advice, it�s much appreciated!

    1. dutchman1951 profile image60
      dutchman1951posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Tumeric is used in some places to treat the swelling from authritic conditions, not remove cyst's.

      The swelling is from the cyst, and it could be cancer, or something else causing it.

      Go to a vet, tell the vet the cats weight and get a mild sedative to calm and sleep the cat.

      Then place it in a carrier and while lightly sedated take it to the vet in a relaxed state. Let Your Vet transition the cat from relaxed to asleep then let him work on the cyst.

      If the cyst is indeed a cyst, the Tumeric will probly do nothing but agitate the animal and may make it sick if he licks at it. Most likely it will do nothing in this case.

      If it is joint swelling, like authritis and soreness from swelling, then it could help if it is prepaired like a rub or a balm, but you need to know how to mix it and what with. And how often to use it.

      Just lightly sedate him and take him in, then  let your vet be the expert. Thats is best I think.

      And speak up honestly, ask the vet to work out a price plan. that you and that precious animal; can live with. If he's in it for the profession, he- OR SHE, will help. If not change Vets, thats what yellow pages are for!

      and please look for some afordable adult cat food, that he can be switched to and He can digest easily and pass.

      Then do a diet regiment with him, cutting back gradualy to assist him. To much fat on an animal can kill one, forget a cyst doing it.  smile

      Writen with concern and friendship; Best wishes, Jon in Nashville


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