My bunny not eating or drinking

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    winniecarrot34posted 6 years ago

    I have 2 months old bunny which is normally aggressive and healthy. Yesterday, I changed his pallets and hay and he stopped eating and drinking since then. I encouraged him to eat pallets and let him drink water from drinking straw, he drank from it and eat some pallets which are soaked in water. He didn't move much in his cage, just squeeze himself in corners and I noticed that his stomach moved a lot. When I let him out, he played as usual hopping, jumping and running. More important is that he stop pooping since this morning. I saw just a few normal droppings, last night he pooped soft stinky poos only. Should I take him to vet or what is wrong with him? I'm in situation that many vets don't speak English. So, any advice?

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      SilentSmile08posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      yes a vet would be a good idea, hope u did already this post was 7 days ago..  it sounds like he got  a parasite in his stomach or some kind of stomach issue. Don't worry if it is a parasite they have meds that can kill the little suckers . so please if you haven't do take your little bunny to the vet.  and you say most of the vets dont speak english, then i would find someone to translate for you, a freind maybe.. i do hope your little bunny turns out ok.

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        CollBposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Yes as SilentSmile08 says, it could be parasites and which can be treated by a vet but' which has to be done as soon as you'd noticed the changes in your bunny's eating patterns.  It can be difficult though if the vets around you don't speak English - maybe if you look in the business directory you'll be able to find one that does speak enough English to understand you.  The best of luck and hope your bunny's fine now.