New Cat Owners Essential Checklist

  1. r2english profile image56
    r2englishposted 9 years ago

    Being a new cat owner can be both exciting and scary. Here are some helpful tips to make it a pleasant experience. Enjoy

    What You Really Really Need

    * Healthy Cat Food and Water Bowl

    * Comb and Brush

    * Litter Box

    * Scoop

    * Non Clump Cat Litter

    * Appropriate Toys

    * Healthy Treats

    * Lots of Love and Attention

    * Nail Clippers

    Tips To Keep Your New Cat Happy

    Remeber A Happy Cat Is A Good Friend

    * Remember To Clean The New Cat Litter Box Daily

    * Ensure There Is Always Fresh Water (No Toilet)

    * Always Leave Dry Food Down In Bowl

    * Do Not Declaw Your Cat

    * Allocate 30 Mins Daily Play Time

    * Love Your Cat

    * Brush Kitty Once A Week

    * Don't Forget To Give Treats Especially When Leaving The House.

    Helpful Suggestions To Keep Your New Cat Safe

    Because You Love Your New Cat

    * Put Elastics Away, They Can Be Dangerous

    * Watch Out For Choking Hazards i.e. String, Coins, Buttons etc.

    * No giving Kitty Cows Milk or Dairy

    * Keep Your Cat Indoors

    Nice Essential Items To Have

    Spoil Kitty

    * Scratching Post

    * A Placemat For Under Dishes

    * A Cat Bed

    * Hairball Remedy

    * Tartar Control Treats

    * A LitterHouse LitterBox

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    ProfoundPunsposted 9 years ago

    There's also great portable stuff for when you take your kitty on vacation with you... there's portable scratching boxes with corrugated cardboard. There are also sealed portable litter boxes (with litter included!) that you can just throw away in its entirety when you're finished. It's a really easy way to travel with your cat without lugging an entire litter box into the trunk!

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    Pet Ownersposted 9 years ago

    A heads-up:

    May want to research the species just a little before telling people to "Leave dry food down."

    Since they are obligate carnivores, they get UTI, Diabetes, Bladder infections, skin and ear irritations, throwing up, kidney, pancreas, and liver issues, etc, due to corn and other cheap, harmful fillers in cereal form being detrimental to a strict carnivore's system.
    Cats are also chronically dehydrated on dry food because nature designed them to get necessary moisture from the meat they eat.

    Grab any library book on the species regarding felines/drinking water, or just google cats-biology...

    When you look at the labels of your cats' food and treats, if the ingredients are NOT  WET *specific named MEAT* and healthy, actual foods, it will solve the mystery as to where all these common cat health issues come from. (As for "by-products", just google "the 4 Ds" for gory details.)

    I had a person in a veterinarian office (which sells cat "food") disagree with this, however they were speechless when I asked them to prove the species was NOT an obligate carnivore after having pointed out the "ingredients."     (Pssst, there is NO medicine in that stuff, either!)

    Guess they somehow missed Biology classes their entire school years!  (Or National Geographic, anyone?)

    There are many books in the Library and also Internet resources on the feline species.
    #1 fact we all learned as kids is that they are carnivores. A feline's a feline be it Lion, Cheetah, or house kit.