Lizards and Kittens.

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    Dee42posted 6 years ago
             A few years back I had a room-mate, a o' gal that I worked with. We were opposites, she would party and I would watch them play cards but we got along ok. Two of my sons were 13 and 14 but they lived with their Dad, which in turn broke my heart, but that is another chapter. ( I am writing this on my iPhone, so if I goof up, please over look) anyway, she had this Siamese kitten, that was so MEAN! She would hide and jump out and attach herself on your ankle, or MY leg, but she would do this ONLY to me! I would holler and jump around and my room mate and her o' boyfriends would think it was funny. Such a cute little cat but it had big teeth.

              My sons would come over and unbeknownst to me, my youngest got a little green lizard and it lived in a aquarium like thing, and it had a heated rock in it.
            One day, I guess they would show me the lizard. My back was to them, they came up and said "Hey Mom...." but somehow this lizard they were holding feel into my lap!! I think I screamed, I don't remember, but I jumped up and somehow with lightning reflexes I 'slung' this little green lizard and it round up on the curtains.  We looked and he was just hanging there, and my son said "Mom, don't throw him!". Well! I said "Well, don't be throwing a nasty,slimy lizard on me."
                Well one day, I was washing dishes and while the boys were in their bedroom, I heard one them say"Go get Moma".  Oh no, right? But I could hear them laughing, but they were up to no good. My youngest the 13 year old all smiles came up to me and beckoned me. I braced myself. They were looking in the lizard tank. Oh no!!!! Those boys had put a meowing kitten in the lizard tank! Then I couldn't believe my eyes. The little lizard was SPANKING the kitten with it's tail. I covered my mouth with my hand.  I studied the situation and no real harm being done to the cat, but I immediately took the cat out, and it ran down the hall.
    Yes, they got in major trouble!

                From then on, when that cat would see me and and would ALMOST attack me, but screech on it's brakes! My roommate seen it do this and said " I guess you two came to an understanding."
                     I grinned a little, " Looks like it."

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      natures47friendposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      This is so funny..thanks for sharing...who thought a lizard could protect itself like that. Reminds me of our Exotic (flat faced cat) when he sort of fell at the mouse house which was put in the bathroom at night. This was before the door was shut.. well would you believe it. Little Alice the mouse was not having a bar of it and while cats eyes were pressed on the side of the mouse house....Alice was boxing the cat's face with her tiny fists. Needless to say the cat. Taffy did not like that and rarely goes that close. It was so funny.