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Home made cat toy.

Updated on October 19, 2012

Ever found that your cat does not really enjoy playing with cat toys from supermarkets. Do they always find there entertainment elsewhere... etc. curtains, shelves, plastic bags and many more. Well I’ve made a cat toy that is durable and easy to make with a very low cost.

All you need is some pair of scissors and washing line rope, they come in different colours and are usually a few quid from a local DIY store or Wilkinson’s.

First cut the rope into 2 1/2 metre strips, you will need about 20 of these.

Now gather all the pieces of rope together and line up the ends.

Carefully fold the the gathered rope roughly in the middle.

Tie the rope in a slip knots so the centre is a small loop at the top, about the size of a cup.

With the rope strands, unwind and pull apart so they resemble tassels.

Now you can hang your cat’s new toy from a door handle or just use as a play thing for them. Your cat will love the new toy because of the noise it will create when played with and because of the bright colours.

My cat loves his toy that i made, so let me know if your cats like it too.

***safe for any kitten or cat, even small dogs***

5 stars from 1 rating of homemade cat toy


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