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How to Feed Birds in Winter

Updated on February 24, 2013

How to Look After Wild Birds in Winter

Find out how to feed birds in winter, including the best foods and methods of feeding the wild birds visiting your garden during this most difficult time of year for our feathered friends.

Whether you feed the birds all year round or have never put out a bird feeder in your life, it is very worthwhile putting food out for the birds during winter, because this is when birds need the most help getting food - especially in very cold periods where frozen ground and low temperatures can be fatal for them.

This guide explains how high energy foods are important, why even simple things like checking your bird bath for ice can be vital, and how to make a big difference to the garden birds this winter.

Photo Credit: Blue Tit in Winter Snow - copyright of the author

Why I Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds - Winter Garden - Jigsaw Puzzle
Feed the Birds - Winter Garden - Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo Credit: Feed the Birds - Winter Garden - 250 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle on Amazon

I gained my love of feeding the birds from my family - I grew up watching my parents and grandparents lovingly putting out food for the birds, hanging feeders, filling bird baths with water, and generally looking after our feathered garden visitors.

In return we were rewarded with an abundance of every day British garden birds - blackbirds, robins, tits, sparrows, thrushes - but also some of the less commonly sighted - dunnocks, greenfinches, siskins, bullfinches and more.

When I moved up north to Cheshire, we didn't initially have any feeders in the garden because we were focused on doing up the house. But we live near woods and are blessed with three oak trees, along with a variety of fruit trees and bushes, so the birds came anyway, as did the local wildlife, and once we started feeding them properly, what a treat!

Nesting blue tits every year, a pair of robins, numerous blackbirds, a plethora of finches, occasionally crows, and even the shy jays come and visit from their home in the woods. This year we have been treated to the sight of three - a pair, and possibly a grown up baby from last year. We even have an annual visit from a pair of woodcocks, which are very rare to see, especially on the ground and in a garden!

I love my garden wildlife and think it is very important to help and nurture it as much as possible. And I also love what we receive in return - gorgeous visiting birds and animals, and delightful birdsong morning, noon and night!

Why Winter Feeding is So Important to Birds

Photo Credit: Snow on Branch - copyright of the author

There are many reasons why birds need help with feeding in the winter. For starters, the cold temperatures and frozen ground can prove fatal. Food is scarce - especially in the snow. Go out and uncover patches of lawn so that birds can get to the ground and access natural food. But snow, and generally rainy weather, can make that natural food (insects, worms etc) hard to find. Here in Britain we experience a lot of flooding every winter, and all that water lying on the ground for days or even weeks means that the insects in the soil, worms and all, die. Which in turn, means no food for the birds and other wildlife.

In addition, if water turns to ice, birds can't find vital water, so it is important to check your bird baths and other sources of wildlife water in your garden during very cold weather - if they have frozen over, break the ice so that the birds have something to drink again.

This is why it is so important to put out food for the birds in winter. If their natural food sources are low, they have a reliable and plentiful source that they will learn they can return to again and again.

Not only will you be doing a great service to wildlife, but you'll be treated with a sight to brighten those dreary winter days - lots of lovely colourful birds on your feeders and tables! Put out the right food and you might even get to see rarities - this is more likely in winter as they are seeking out new sources of food. Sometimes, even visiting birds from other countries may appear (American birds get blown across the Atlantic to British shores sometimes, for example), so you might even end up seeing a bird you can't find in the guidebook!

This guide applies equally to birds all around the world. Whether you are in the UK, US, Europe, Australia or elsewhere, helping the birds is a very important thing to do this winter!

Give the Birds a Helping Hand

Do You Feed the Birds in Winter?

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Robin in Snow
Robin in Snow

What to Feed Birds in Winter

While the birds will be grateful for any kind of food at this time of year, there are certain foods in particular that have greater benefits during the cold. Look for high energy foods especially, as this helps birds warm up in the cold weather. High energy foods include:

* Special high energy or winter mixes containing high energy foods like sunflower hearts or peanuts

* Suet

* Fat balls

Other foods that are good to put out in winter include:

* Niger seeds to attract small birds like goldfinches and siskins

* Mixes that include mealworms (such as "mealworm crumble"!) or dried mealworms as this provides the birds with natural food as well

* Healthy, suitable scraps such as apples and pears, grated mild cheese and cooked potatoes

* A drink! Don't forget about providing a water source via a small pond or bird bath, and keep checking to make sure it hasn't frozen over

Photo Credit: Robin in the Snow via Wikimedia Commons

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Feed the Birds this Winter

C & S Products High Energy Suet, 12-Piece
C & S Products High Energy Suet, 12-Piece

12 units of high energy suet to keep birds warm and nourished in winter, as well as attract a wide variety of birds.

Amazon reviewers confirm the bird variety drawn to this feed, including Downy Woodpeckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, and Carolina Wrens.


How to Feed Birds in Winter - Video Expertise - The Facts from Bill Oddie and Others

Peckish 12.75Kg Winter Warmer Bird Seed Mix

Fat Bird - DIY Fat Cake Making Kit

Gardman Value Suet Feast 10 Mega Value Pack

150 Fat Balls Pack For Wild Garden Birds

Harrisons Wild Bird Premium High Energy Fat Balls x 100

Bill Oddie's High Energy Nutri-Boost Bird Food 2kg

Feeding Ground Feeding Birds in Winter

To give ground feeding birds extra protection and haven in winter, you can put food out (such as seed mixes, soft foods and live foods) in ground feeding trays or stations like these:

Chapelwood Large Metal Ground Feeder

Ground Feeding Bird Guard - Small Mesh

Gardman Ground Feeder Tray BTO/BSO Approved

Gardman BA01305 Compact Ground Feeder Tray

Songbird Essentials Ground Platform Feeder Green

Backyard Boys Woodworking Seed Block Ground Feeder

You can also assist ground feeders in cold weather by clearing away ice and snow from the ground. Clear a different patch of lawn each day so that they are able to look for natural food sources in the ground.

How to Make your Own Winter Bird Feed

You can have a go at making your own bird food, such as fat balls and birdy loaves, from your bird seed mixes and your own leftovers like stale bread. This is especially great to do if you have kids, as they will love making things to help them birds and then watching them flock to eat them! A top way to get them involved in looking after winter wildlife.

Hang your homemade fat balls in a fat ball feeder like this one
Hang your homemade fat balls in a fat ball feeder like this one

This recipe combines the goodness of fat balls with the high energy content of suet and seeds. For your seed mix, use foods like sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds, safflower, peanut granules, cut maize and lots of tiny seeds that are perfect for small beaks. Alternatively, use a pre-made mix such as OlymPeck! Bird Breakfast.


  • 100 g of high energy seeds or winter mix
  • 300 g high energy suet pellets
  • 25 g fat
  • 25 g dried mealworms
  • 1 egg


  1. 1. First, soften the suet pellets in the microwave, before adding the dried mealworms to the suet in a bowl
  2. 2. Stir in the fat and then pour in the seed mix
  3. 3. Bind together the mixture with the egg, and shape into fat balls on a sheet of greaseproof paper
  4. 4. Leave overnight so that the balls set
  5. 5. Hang the balls outside in a fat ball feeder or leave them out on the bird table, and enjoy watching the birds!
  6. Photo Credit: Birds eating fat balls in Fat Ball Feeder from Amazon
Cast your vote for Make your Own Winter Fat Balls for Birds

Make your Own Winter Bird Loaf

This recipe uses high energy seed and suet (as per the previous recipe), combined with oystershell grit. Grit is essential in the digestive system of all seed-eating birds, and as well as helping with digestion, it helps supply many of the minerals and trace elements needed for good bird health, which is especially important for those laying eggs.


  • 200 g high energy bird seed or winter mix
  • 100 g high energy suet pellets
  • 100 g flakes of cereal
  • Breadcrumbs from 2 pieces of stale bread
  • 2 teaspoons oystershell grit
  • 1 egg
  • Dried mealworms


  1. 1. Line a loaf tin with the dried mealworms
  2. 2. Add the seed mix, suet and oystershell grit together in a bowl
  3. 3. Once well mixed, crumble in the breadcrumbs and add the cereal flakes
  4. 4. Add the egg to bind the mixture together and stir well
  5. 5. Pour the mixture into the loaf tin and leave until set
  6. 6. Turn the tin out upside down in the garden and leave out for the birds to tuck into!

Bird Feeders and Bird Table Care in Winter

Of course, all your normal bird feeders are vital for providing food in the winter - just make sure you invest in good quality, hardy ones that will withstand the bad weather.

However, there are certain feeders well suited to specialist winter food, like suet feeders and fat ball feeders, so look for those to hang up that high energy food! Also try to opt for a bird table that provides good shelter for the birds, which will help keep them protected in snowy and very cold, wet weather.

Amish Country Rustic Handmade Log Cabin Bird Feeder with Rock Chimney -

This gorgeous Country Log Cabin Bird Feeder (above) is designed to keep birds warm and comfy during bad weather, so it is ideal for winter snow and other icy conditions. It can be placed on a post and is suitable for year round use - simply fill with bird food and enjoy the show!

Remember to care for your bird tables and feeders in winter, just as you do all year round. It can be tempting to "forget" to maintain them as the weather outside is a bit off putting! But keeping your bird feeders clean and hygienic means that birds will stay healthy (essential at this time of year) and also means you won't be attracting unwelcome visitors like rats.

You don't want seed and other food out for too many days, so if it is taking a while to clear, reduce the amount of food you are putting out. If more birds start coming, you can monitor and adjust accordingly. The biggest danger to birds is droppings mixing with food, so that is why it is important to keep your feeding areas clean. A ground feeding tray can help keep areas cleaner than simply putting seed on the ground, and trays can also catch mess dropped from bird tables and feeders. Use a bird feeder bottle brush to keep cylindrical feeders clean.

Best Winter Bird Feeders

Rubicon Suet Feeder With Tail Prop Hunter Green
Rubicon Suet Feeder With Tail Prop Hunter Green

Not only is this a solid and attractive bird feeder for suet, it also has a tail prop to help woodpeckers balance with their tail on the feeder - so great for attracting birds of all kinds! It's also made of recycled plastic, so great for the environment, too!


Proteam BC1001 - Wild Bird Care Range -Fat Ball Feeder

Fat Ball Feeding Ring - Holds 10 Fat Balls

Chapelwood Heavy Duty Suet Ball Feeder

The Nuttery Squirrel and Predator Proof Oval Suet Feeder

Chapelwood Heavy Duty Suet/ Scraps Feeder

Chapelwood Wooden Scraps Feeder (winter Blue)

How to Feed Birds Around the World in Winter

Even Australia has a winter - and look how much this Crimson Rosella is enjoying his feed up in the Blue Mountains! Wherever you are in the world, you can help your local native birds. Here is a selection of excellent guides to feeding the birds in your part of the world:


* Feeding Birds Advice from the RSPB

* BBC Guide to Feeding Birds in Winter

* Seven Tips for Feeding Birds this Winter


* Feeding your Backyard Birds - The Humane Society of the USA

* Winter Bird Feeding Educational Resources

* Winter Bird Feeding from Nature Canada

More guides to be added shortly!

Other Ways to Help Birds in Winter

Photo Credit: Blue Tit in the Snow - copyright of the author

In addition to putting out high energy food and ensuring a plentiful water supply, you can also help the birds by leaving out certain leftover scraps (mild grated cheese, soaked fruit and cooked potatoes are suitable, as are unwanted apples and pears).

Another important thing you can do is provide warmth and shelter. Nest boxes are ideal shelter for smaller birds, and will be used later in the year for breeding. Bird tables with a roof or bird house feeds also provide shelter while feeding.

This guide to helping birds survive the winter has lots more useful tips on feeding, shelter and hygiene.

Will You Be Feeding the Birds this Winter? - Leave your Comments and Feedback here!

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      I enjoyed reading this lens. I am a birder and bird lover and feed the birds at my place all year round. Winter feeding is especially important, as is water.I live in a northerly region so fresh water is not available during winter. Consequently I have 2 heated bird baths which the avian visitors really appreciate!

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      Great lens. I love birds. One of my favorite joys is hearing a bird singing in the wintertime. It reminds me that spring is coming!

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      Great Lens! I love feeding the birds all year round, but I get a particular satisfaction knowing that I'm helping them in the wintertime when I fill the feeder and my suet holder. Thanks for the info. BTW to all American readers - the Great Backyard Birdcount is coming up on 2/15/13.

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      May I ask, how do you add multiple Amazon products? I can only add five with the standard modules. Do you use the amazon affiliate tools instead?

      Thanks again!


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      Enjoyed my stay in your winter garden with all the colorful birds. Compared to those, the birds in my country look awful boring greyish LOL

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      Mary Stephenson 

      5 years ago from California

      I don't have snow, but all year round we put out sugar water for the hummingbirds. We have one male that sticks around the whole year.

      Congratulations on LOTD

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      5 years ago

      Great subject and beautiful pictures. Since beginning to live part time in two different states, I have not been feeding the birds. I hope to begin doing that in the state where I will be spending the rest of the winter.

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      Lovely tips on how to feed the birds in winter.

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      Yes! During the ice and freezing temps we've had recently, it has been pretty difficult changing the water on the four water stations I have and to keep them in food. They ate like crazy! SquidAngel blessed and congrats on LOTD! B : )

    • BLemley profile image

      Beverly Lemley 

      5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Yes! During the ice and freezing temps we've had recently, it has been pretty difficult changing the water on the four water stations I have and to keep them in food. They ate like crazy! SquidAngel blessed and congrats on LOTD! B : )

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      Our hummingbirds feed 365 days a year from our feeders, even the cat watches them feed.

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      I have made a house for birds by my self. There i give seeds in and birds come to eat them...

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    • fugeecat lm profile image

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      We just bought more seed and peanuts at the weekend for our birds. I bought a cedar squirrel feeder in the USA, it's supposed to be filled with corn for the squirrels, but we fill it with peanuts for the birds. The wood pigeons devour them, literally! Round here they are huge, but not confident if the food is swinging around, so fun to watch. We have several families each of robins and blackbirds, plus loads of finches and tits, and sometimes a pair of dunnocks too. It's great to watch the birds, and ours are sometimes quite tame. COngratulations on getting lens of the day, well deserved.

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      @evelynsaenz1: Thanks Evelyn! It's always fascinating hearing about the different experiences around the world according to the local wildlife. We don't have bears here, the only thing we have to worry about is the squirrels stealing the bird food!

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      5 years ago

      I love your pictures. I have been feeding birds for as far back as I can remember. Have a feeder hanging outside out kitchen window all year the summer it has to be carried in overnight as we have black bears that love the seeds...have lost several feeders when I've forgotten:-) But they are a sight to see as well. Congrats on the LOTD!

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      This is a very timely subject. I've been thinking about my wild birds and putting out some new shelters for them. I do put out the high energy suet during the winter. Hadn't seen those ground feeder options before. Excellent introduction to creative approaches to helping birds that don't visit traditional feeders. The aggressive jays around here tend to sneak off with the dog food I put out for my four-legged children. They also clean out any bird seed I provide for other feathered friends in about two minutes or less. I need to get more strategic in my approach. Thanks for helping me with that. Congrats on LotD!

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    • James1978 profile image


      5 years ago

      After squirrels used to eat all the bird seed, I now find myself putting out nuts for the squirrels and bird seed for the birds. It's costing me a fortune :-)

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 

      5 years ago

      I having been feeding the birds over the last few cold snowy days and making sure they have water to drink. I used to feed them all year round - we had a bit old soppy cat who was quite happy for them to come into the garden and feed and he kept all the other cats out but unfortunately he died during the summer and now we get a lot of cat visitors and we nearly had a catastrophe with one cat in particular who would hide in the hedgerow! However when there is snow on the ground the cats stay inside and I was then able to feed them again. We also have 2 swallows nests in the eaves of our house and I love them visiting us every summer, raising their young, teaching them to fly and then all flying off to warmer climes for the winter...

    • debnet profile image


      5 years ago from England

      Just popped back to say CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserved LOTD! I'd bless it again for you if I could.

    • graphite75 profile image


      5 years ago

      We've always fed the birds all year round. Some great tips here. Congrats on LotD!

    • pauline60 profile image


      5 years ago

      Brilliant lens packed with good info on how we can help these little creatures survive the cold weather.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes, I feed all year round. Great pictures and info. Totally enjoyed your lens.

    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 

      5 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      When I lived in Britain I always fed the birds, here in Canada they do feed but there is a movement to discourage it, because it encourages the off course birds to stay in the wrong places and thus harm the population as it can make their chances of survival worse due to them being less well adapted to the local climate. I found that interesting, and probably more than likely the case to a degree.

      We often get the tail end of tropical storms and I have seen many displaced birds even parrots from much farther South sometimes end up here in Nova Scotia. I still like to feed birds, but your point about the right foods and bearing in mind the needs of each specie were well made. Congratulations on the LOTD

    • nikkinal profile image


      5 years ago

      Such a great lens. I have been meaning to get the leaves out of my feeder and put something in it. You have inspired me. I like the layout and flow of your lens as well. Making a mental note! Thank you.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Congratulations on a well deserved LOTD! Fantastic

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Enjoyed this. We just started making our own suet, and the birds really like it. Well done, and congratulations on LOTD.

    • Nancyfrank10 profile image


      5 years ago

      I love this winter season & i love birds your appreciate for great information provide our self...

    • TheHealthCabin profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens and wonderfully written, Thank you

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      great lens:))I made 20 bird houses -for son,s kindergarten celebration, You can look at may site:))

    • Tim Bader profile image

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      Great lens and congrats on LOTD

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 

      5 years ago from Royalton

      Congratulations on LOTD! I feed my birds year round but increasingly it is becoming more dangerous to do that here in New England. Bears now come up to the feeders so we are now encouraged to stop feeding the birds during the warmer months. Do you have that problem in the UK?

      Squid Angel Blessed!

    • Richard-H profile image


      5 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Congrats on LOTD! :)


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