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Gardening On A Limited Space

Updated on March 18, 2012

Gardening is such a good, healthy hobby. But what would you do if you like planting vegetables and flowers but you have a limited space? That is our case as we live in a town house and have a small patio. My parents love planting vegetables and they just enjoy having a vegetable garden even when I was a kid. But living with a limited space for gardening hadn't stop us, I enjoy flowers and both mom and dad loves having vegetables so here's what we had done with our small patio.

I wasn't a garden expert but I hope that sharing what we had done with ours could give some ideas on what to do for gardening with small spaces.


We had started with plastic pots we got from the local stores, either from Walmart or Target. We didn't do it on purpose but it just happend that we seem to pick up the plastic ones when at the garden store section.

As I think of it right now, this plastic pots are lighter and we still has this plastic pots around that we bought way back 3 years ago.

And then, since dad is working on a food manufacturing, the employees are allowed to take home the empty soy sauce plastic buckets. So he did brought some home and we started using it for for container gardening. It is just a money saver, so if you happen to know somebody whose on this kind of job, ask if they have free empty buckets as they are good for planting, the buckets we have are 1 1/2 ft. deep and a good way to save money instead of buying pots.

Just like the empty bucket dad used to take home.
Just like the empty bucket dad used to take home. | Source

Thanks to those empty soy sauce bucket just like this on the photo, we have free containers to plant vegetables in our small patio.

Dad would just make a hole on the bottom of these buckets for the drainage. He either uses a nail, heat it on the stop and poke the bottom of these buckets or use a knife to make some few holes. And that's it, ready for planting!

Hanging planter baskets

And I did mentioned I like flowers didn't I?

Mom and dad like vegetables and I like flowers, and I have 4 to 5 hummingbirds visiting our patio so I had this hanging planter for petunias. These small, entertaining birds seem to be attracted to the color red that is why I had chosen the red petunias instead of other petunia colors. This way they could find my feeders easier. I also had made a hub on how I attracted this curious hummingbirds.

Hanging petunias for the hummingbirds
Hanging petunias for the hummingbirds | Source

And since we had a little space, I had suggested dad a trellis and he made this one. The vegetable here with a yellow flower I believe is bottle gourd which mom planted while my petunias are hanging in there.

This was early Summer season so the bottle gourd was pretty lively as it likes the sunny weather. The hummingbirds hover around these yellow flowers sometimes checking it out if they can get some nectar from it.

Look at this one hummer. It likes perching there and guarding this one feeder. I named this hummer Ozzy.
Look at this one hummer. It likes perching there and guarding this one feeder. I named this hummer Ozzy. | Source

And this is how the trellis looks like from the top. And those that was sitting on top of the trellis in case you are wondering what it was, are bitter melon seeds my mom was drying from our bitter melon plant.

Bitter melon plants from the container.
Bitter melon plants from the container. | Source

Another trellis for the bitter melon. But this time it was a little different. We had used four of the buckets, planted some bitter melons in each one and put bamboo stakes in each of those. The lighter bamboos are the ones on top as seen in this photo. They are still color green in here, newly bought. It's been 3 years ago but we still have these bamboos around and just reusing them on making the bitter melon trellis.

While the camote vines are creeping under, another vegetable vine is using this trellis on the other side of the patio.
While the camote vines are creeping under, another vegetable vine is using this trellis on the other side of the patio. | Source

This photo was taken nearly dark, but can you spot the hummingbird?

See results

Yes, we will use any space we can used just to plant more vegetables and other crops. While the plastic pots are used mostly with herbs, this another trellis in here is for the hyacinth bean.

And that Summer this hyacinth bean has been really fruitful. Mom had enjoyed picking the beans for her vegetable dishes. And it was a handful so we give some to friends sometimes.

With this trellis, we had used bamboos, a thicker one for the trellis base. The lighter bamboos are again used on top as the hyacinth bean was a lighter crawler compared to heavier vegetables such s squash and bottle gourd.

I hope this shared photos and container gardening ideas on small spaces had given some ideas.


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for dropping by. :) Yes! We all enjoyed having the hummingbirds around. Specially them being curious. I would be out on the patio and looking at plants, and when I heard a flapping wings I would sit or stand still so I wouldn't scare them and to look as if I'm not there. But eventhough I look like a statue they would hover in my face and check me out ^-^' They do brighten up our days.

    • profile image

      Gloshei 5 years ago

      Lovely hub, and some good pictures. It must be lovely to have humming birds in the garden?

      Petunias are one of my favourite they seem to go on & on.

      Thanks for sharing