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Rio Dog Remembers

Updated on July 15, 2014
naturegirl7 profile image

Animals have always been a part of Yvonne's life and each one has its own story to tell.

Some Things I Remember

I love the woods.
I love the woods. | Source

The Early Days

Right after I was rescued
Right after I was rescued | Source
We're going to the country, Whoopee!
We're going to the country, Whoopee! | Source

Rio left this earth in June of 2012 when he was 15 years old. He was a kind and noble friend and I miss him very much. Here is the story of his life.

My Rescue

My saviors named me Rio because they found me near a river in north Louisiana. I am part Catahoula and Pointer. I am the eldest member of the mixed tribe of four cats and two dogs that lives in the house on Hummingbird Hill. Three chickens live outside in a coop and I am not allowed to chase them.

My life has been long and happy since my man and woman found me on that cold day in December, injured and hungry, near the house where they were visiting. My litter mates and I had been cast out, to fend for ourselves. We were young pups and I was the only one to survive.

After I sat in the sun looking up at the statue of St. Francis, they brought me to their house and cared for me and nursed me back to health. Each day, they would leave me alone in the house. I missed them so much that I would scratch at the door until they came home, but I never had an accident in the house.

On weekends we would all go to the country (even the two cats). Once there I would run down to the river and swim in it. My man and woman were happy on the weekends, but not so happy when we went back to the city. After a while, we all moved to our country paradise and that is where we now live.

Almost Fourteen Years Old

Enjoying a warm day
Enjoying a warm day | Source
He is a rag-a-muffin and it's his own fault.
He is a rag-a-muffin and it's his own fault. | Source

Older Dog and 2nd Chance

They tell me that I will soon be fourteen years old. I once was able to easily keep this rowdy brood in line. Now the little Cocker Spaniel, 2nd Chance, growls and is often very disagreeable with everyone, even the humans who rescued him. He doesn't listen when I bark at him to stop.

His behavior has improved since he first came to live with us, but it needs to improve much more. He is really bad when she tries to clip him. She has to give him pills to calm him down and he still fights and growls.

My lady gets so upset with him that it makes her sad. I try to comfort her. She likes to play ball with me, so I get my best toy and give it to her. She throws it up and I catch it and she laughs.

Dax Cat Hogs My Pillows

I share with Dax whether I want to or not.
I share with Dax whether I want to or not. | Source

Dax Cat Clowns

Dax hides, but I sniff him out.
Dax hides, but I sniff him out. | Source
I caught him bouncing in the bath tub.
I caught him bouncing in the bath tub. | Source

Dax Orange Cat

The little clown, Dax Cat, also keeps things lively. He wrote his own hub about the other feline members of our tribe.

He is always inventing new ways to sneak out of the door. The latest one is to get on the other side of me, so my lady can't see him and then bolt out when she opens the door. He thinks that it's all a great game and then scurries off into the bushes. I usually try to keep an eye on him and I show my lady where he is hiding.

He also likes to play in the bath tub with his toy mouse. Sometimes it sounds like thunder when he jumps and runs in there. I have to go investigate. I don't like thunder.

Cat Toys

OurPets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Squeaking Interactive Cat Toy
OurPets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Squeaking Interactive Cat Toy

Dax likes to play with these and looses them under furniture.


First Chance was a Great Guy

First Chance and I by the river.
First Chance and I by the river. | Source
Cottonmouth in the Creek
Cottonmouth in the Creek | Source

Leashes and Collars

Flexi Large Retractable 26-Foot Classic Long 3 Tape Leash, Black
Flexi Large Retractable 26-Foot Classic Long 3 Tape Leash, Black

My lady likes this leash so she can pull him back.


1st Chance and Snakes

My man rescued Second Chance, the Cocker Spaniel, from an abusive situation, after my good friend, Chance the first (a nice Cocker Spaniel), was hit by a car.

I ran through the woods chasing the animal that day, too, but I saw the car. My man and lady did not know how bad Chance's eyes were getting. We were supposed to be relieving ourselves while the man watched, but Chance got a scent and ran all the way up to the front through the thick woods. I miss Chance.

When I was young and Chance the first was here, we would sneak off and go on great adventures. After the last one, my lady made him wear a leash when we went into the woods every day. I always try to obey, so I would be able to walk with them and sometimes follow the scents. My man wouldn't let her put a leash on me unless there was danger, like a cottonmouth.

They needn't worry, though, because I knew how to handle those snakes. I use my feign jump forward and back technique to make them go back into the water. I was bitten once when I was learning about snakes, but Dr. Rusty told my people to give me something called Benadryl and it didn't swell or hurt.

Swimming is Good Exercise

I still swim in my river.
I still swim in my river. | Source

Rio Reflecting

Sitting in my favorite place, thinking.
Sitting in my favorite place, thinking. | Source

Swimming in the River

I still like to walk down the road to the river. On cool days I can trot like always, but in the heat, I go a little slower. The swim in the river is worth the walk. The running water massages my soreness and cools me off. I always enjoyed a good swim, even in winter. After my swim, I lay in the big screen house on my pillow while the lady feeds the birds and checks the black box on the tree that takes pictures.

I wish we could walk to the river more often these days. The exercise helps my soreness and it keeps me fit. My lady says that it is too hot and it is. On the cooler days we walk. On other days I swim in the creek by the house and I sleep on my special pillows in the house, if Dax doesn't get there first.

Our 3 Hens

They have names, but I can't tell them a part.
They have names, but I can't tell them a part. | Source

Silly Chickens

I almost forgot to tell you about the chickens. They live outside in a coop, but my lady lets them out to run around in the afternoon. They are silly birds. They all run to one spot in the yard, then another. She makes me put a leash on when they are out of the coop, just because I jumped at them once or twice. I wouldn't hurt them, that's how I play, but she says she doesn't want to take any chances.

Rescued and Happy

Laying in the grass and doing dog things ... heaven on earth.
Laying in the grass and doing dog things ... heaven on earth. | Source
Back scratches feel good.
Back scratches feel good. | Source

Please Help Others of My Kind

Thank you, my lady and my man, for rescuing me when I was abandoned so many years ago. I am a happy dog because you welcomed me to share your life.

I hope that other humans will open their hearts and their homes to my bretheran who suffer similar circumstances as I did, almost fourteen year ago.

I urge any human who wishes to share their life with one of my kind, to adopt one who is homeless. I am told that there are shelters and that also Dr. Rusty and other Vets often have puppies and kittens that do not have homes. That is how we came to adopt Dax the Orange Cat.

Thank you, other fine humans, for reading my humble story.
Rio Dog
King of Hummingbird Hill

On the Road to the River

Can we go for a walk?
Can we go for a walk? | Source

Rescued Pet Poll

Would you adopt a homeless pet if you could?

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Tell us about the animals that share your life

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    • naturegirl7 profile imageAUTHOR

      Yvonne L. B. 

      7 years ago from South Louisiana

      Why, thank you very much, Movie Master. My lady has told me about your love of animals and nature.

      Rio of Hummingbird Hill

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Rio, thank you for introducing us to your family, you sound very happy and what a wonderful special man and lady you have, they have shown so much love and kindness.

    • naturegirl7 profile imageAUTHOR

      Yvonne L. B. 

      7 years ago from South Louisiana

      Rio and I thank you for your comment and your concern for homeless animals.

      naturegirl7 aka Rio's Lady

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 

      7 years ago from kentucky

      Touching hub. So sad when animals get dumped to fend for themselves. Glad you could take Rio in and save a life.


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