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Purchasing a Pet on Free Classified Ads Online

Updated on September 24, 2015

Hints & Tips for Buying a Pet Online

The first step to purchasing a pet on the online classified ad sites is to be sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer. Read here for some great informative help and tips on how to buy a pet online without being ripped off, or receiving an unhealthy animal that could infect your other household pets.

Purchasing a Pet Online

Purchasing a pet on online free classified ad sites can be sketchy business if you allow it to be. There are quite a few helpful hints and tricks to learning how to get the best animal for your money, but most importantly, getting the best animal for your family, your home and your heart.

Free Classified Ad Pets
Free Classified Ad Pets

Before the Face-to-Snout Visit

Before even considering driving somewhere to actually make physical contact with another animal, be sure to take some precautions. If you have other animals at home, this can seriously mean life or death for them.

Health Issues

Question the seller about the health of the animals. Of course if they have some hidden issue even the breeder may not know about it, for future purposes, possibly even legal ones, always ask about the overall health of the young pet-to-be. As a general rule of thumb if the seller describes animals that are:

  • Lethargic
  • Not Eating
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight Issues
  • Delayed walking, eyes opening or other mini milestones for newborn animals
  • Breathing issues

Although if you are dealing with a disreputable breeder you are unlikely to be told about such symptoms, asking and receiving a false answer may help you should you ever need to bring a civil case against the breeder. Why would you ever need to do that?

There are quite a few illnesses only present in younger animals. However, some of those illnesses can be shared with other household pets. Some of those illnesses can indeed be, and are very fatal.

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Lifestyle

If you work 18 hours per day and have little time for anything else but still highly desire a pet in your life consider getting a very low maintenance, and very low requirement animal. Fish, small birds and even reptiles require little 'affection' and attention to remain the pets they would naturally be anyway.

The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals

Free Classified Ad Pups
Free Classified Ad Pups


For puppies, remember they will always turn into dogs. Research breeds to see which are going to require a lot of jogging if you work a lot, or which will be love hounds who are happy to sit at your feet and gaze at your face while you work. If you are a marathon jogger, grab yourself a new greyhound pup and be ready to have a partner for years, if you are a couch potato, look for a classified for a Basset hound that will enjoy many hours, and indeed, many years watching TV with you.

Free Classified Ad Posting
Free Classified Ad Posting


For kittens, remember that some cats are far more destructive. They do not intend to be, but some cats that have shorter domestication periods may still have a bit of 'big cat' attitude. This can mean they may claw at your furniture if you do not provide them with scratch post. And while some may enjoy a cat that meows loudly, or to announce visitors, such as the Siamese cat tends to do, others may prefer the quiet grace of a Persian. Again, check your breeds for more information.

Consider the Adult Size

Always consider the adult size the animal will eventually grow to. If you live in a small apartment you may not want to buy that cute Irish Wolfhound puppy. That dog will eventually grow to be nearly eight foot from snout to tail. Get a pet appropriate and comfortable to the size of your home.

Free Classified Ad Posting
Free Classified Ad Posting

Rescue Me

When at all possible, check the online free classified ad sites for those who need rescued in your area. If you are willing to take on an animal that is desperately seeking their forever home, you will be repaid tenfold in love and affection.

Following these helpful tips will help to ensure you get a healthy animal that has a great new outlook as a permanent new family member in your home.

Do you have any classified ad posting tips for pet purchasing? - Leave them here to help others!

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