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Small Breed Dogs

Updated on May 3, 2012
Small Breed Dogs
Small Breed Dogs | Source

Small Dog Breeds

Small breed dogs are very cute and make wonderful pets. They also come in a wide variety of physical appearance which makes choosing one from the list of small breed dogs a tough choice. It is also a general consideration that majority of small breed dogs are good with children. Most of these small breed dogs also make fantastic family pets. If you are looking for small breed dogs for adoption, you should consider reading this article since you will discover some ideas about the best small dog breeds. Small breed dogs vary in personalities and there are all kinds of personalities some are quiet while others can be noisy and can at times bite strangers. Understanding the small breed dog that you are planning to adopt is an important step that you should not underestimate when selecting a dog for adoption. Take time to understand these cute small dog breed and make the right choice for adoption or new pet ownership.

Why Small Breed Dogs Make Great Pets

Small Dogs can be Easy to Train for Keen Owners

Small breed dogs often make great pets since they are very easy to train in comparison with large dogs. Responsible dog ownership and the correct training can be the ideal way to improve your small dog breed to be a great pet. It is also a common observation that majority of small breed dogs owners tend to overlook some of the bad behaviors of these small dog breeds. This is not the best way to handle the dog; they can often get used to your reluctance and therefore overgrow the bad habits that are detrimental to the relationship between you and them. Some of the notorious bad behaviors that are seen in the small dog breeds include aggression towards cats, people, strangers or other children. These behaviors should be discouraged by proper behavior training. Small dog breeds can also be very notorious for barking at strangers, cats, other dogs or objects. You should focus their energy on useful tasks that will improve their behaviors and discourage that vice.

Small Breed Dogs Require Little Space

Small breed dogs can be the best for people who live in the urban areas and apartment since they are small in size and can fit in small space. The modern apartment has limited space and large breed of dogs are not ideal for such spaces, especially in the apartments that don’t have a backyard. Small breed dogs can be the most convenient for such kind of people living in this kind of lifestyle.

Small Breed Dogs are Very Portable

Small breed dogs are well liked by numerous dog enthusiasts since they are very easy to carry around. They are small in size and can be hand held compared to the giant dog breeds. Small breed dogs can be easy to carry especially using the little cheap pet carriers. When you are going to visit relatives or for a trip to the vet, you can carry the small dog breeds easily.

Small Breed Dogs are easy to Travel with for Vacation

When going for vacation you either have to look for a pet boarding facility or you have to carry your pet along. When looking for a vacation for the entire family carrying your dog along can be a great thing. While vacations trips that pets are allowed can be so easy to find, it is challenging if the dog is a giant breed. A small breed dog will be so easy to travel with for vacation. The small dog breed may also not require a large space especially when you are traveling with your whole family in the car and the space is limited.

Small Breed Dogs have a Longer Lifespan

It is often thought that small breed dogs have a longer lifespan compared to the giant dog breeds. In most cases the giant dog breeds are predisposed to numerous life threatening dog diseases that are genetically related. Small breed dogs make wonderful pets that have reasonably long lifespan that may be more than 10 years.This however does not rule out that the small dog breeds don't have genetic predisposition to dog health problems. In fact small breed dogs are predisposed to collapse of the trachea a condition that can be surgically corrected.

List of Small Breed Dogs

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

2. Chihuahua

3. Italian Greyhound

4. Japanese Chin

5. Maltese

6. Miniature Pinscher

7. Norfolk Terrier

8. Papillon

9. Brussels Griffon

10. Cairn Terrier

11. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

12. Chinese Crested

13. Cocker Spaniel

14. Dachshund

15. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

16. English Cocker Spaniel

17. English Toy Spaniel

18. French Bulldog

19. Glen of Imaal Terrier

20. Havanese

21. Shih Tzu

22. Silky Terrier

23. Toy Fox Terrier

24. Yorkshire Terrier

25. Affenpinscher

26. Miniature American Eskimo Dog

27. Standard American Eskimo Dog

28. Toy American Eskimo Dog

29. Australian Terrier

30. Basenji

31. Beagle

32. Bedlington Terrier

33. Bichon Frise

34. Border Terrier

35. Boston Terrier

36. Jack Russell Terrier

37. Lakeland Terrier

38. Lhasa Apso

39. Lowchen

40. Toy Manchester Terrier

41. Miniature Bull Terrier

42. Miniature Poodle

43. Miniature Schnauzer

44. Norwich Terrier

45. Parson Russell Terrier

46. Pekingese

47. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

48. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

49. Pomeranian

50. Pug

51. Puli

52. Schipperke

53. Scottish Terrier

54. Sealyham Terrier

55. Shetland Sheepdog

56. Shiba Inu

57. Skye Terrier

58. Smooth Fox Terrier

59. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

60. Tibetan Spaniel

61. Tibetan Terrier

62. Toy Poodle

63. Welsh Terrier

64. West Highland White Terrier

65. Wire Fox Terrier


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