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Kooikerhondje Dog Breed Facts and Kooikerhondje Puppy Information

Updated on May 13, 2011

The Kooikerhondje is an old rare dog breed that originated from the Netherlands back in the 16'th century or perhaps even earlier. Kooikerhondjes are classified as Spaniel Dutch dogs like Gundogs that were bred specifically for their duck tolling hunting abilities. Around World War Two, the Kooikerhondje dog, also known for their abbreviated nickname as Kooiker Dog s, almost went extinct. Thankfully though, An effort was made to save the Kooikerhondjes right before these Spaniel Gundogs could have been whipped out forever. Now and days, the Kooikerhondje canines have recently been brought over to the United Kingdom and even to the United States. Although Kooikerhondje dogs are one of the most rare dog breeds , they're truly magnificent canines that remain as a precious hidden gem amoung the dog community. Perhaps maybe in the near future this Dutch dog breed can grow in popularity.


Kooikerhondje Dog Appearance

Kooikerhondjes have absolutely stunning red and white patched coats that are moderately long with a subtle waviness to them. The Kooikerhondje has feathering on its coat, which is predominantly on areas of their legs, chests, and tails. Like many long haired dog breeds, Kooikerhondjes require considerable amounts of grooming in which Kooikerhondjes need to be brushed daily in order for their coats to stay beautiful and healthy. Since Kooikerhondjes aren't too large of a dog breed, taking care of these Spaniels coats isn't as difficult and time consuming as one might think.

Kooikerhondjes have long bodies that are held fairly close to the ground by moderately short legs. Kooiker Dogs have long bushy tails that carry a similar appearance to that of a foxes. The Kooikerhondje Dutch dog has lengthy elegant ears, with the long feathered hair growing and hanging down them, ending at pointed tips. This canines head is broad with a muzzle connected to them. Kooikerhondjes have large, cute, interesting black colored eyes that instantly draw your attention to them. Overall Kooiker Dogs have soft, gentle, trusting facial expressions that suite these canine companions well.


Kooikerhondje Temperament and Canine Training

Kooikerhondjes are extremely intelligent dogs that are easy when it comes to canine training . Kooikerhondjes are a Dutch dog breed that is a both loving and affectionate Spaniel Gundogs that can make a great family pet . Kooikerhondjes are in particularly dogs that are good with children. These Kooikerhondje Gundogs make amazing canine companion dogs which can suite owners of practically all ages. If you want either a good family pet, hunting dog , or perhaps even both, the Kooikerhondje is perhaps the right dog breed for you. For those who are not big into the outdoors or going for daily walks and jogs around the park, then Kooiker Dogs are definitely not a dog breed you should considering bringing home, since Kooikerhondjes Dutch dogs require high amounts of exercise in order to stay physically healthy and emotionally healthy canine companion dogs . If you love the outdoors and breaking a bit of a sweat, you may want to consider purchasing a Kooikerhondje puppy from a Kooikerhondje breeder .


Finding a Kooikerhondje Breeder and Kooikerhondje Puppy

As you might have already guessed, finding a decent Kooikerhondje breeder , let alone any Kooikerhondje breeders at all is a task in itself. Since Kooikerhondje dogs are one of the most rare dog breeds , finding a Kooikerhondje breeder is a rare thing to run into as well, but if you really want to purchase a Kooikerhondje puppy of your own, the best place, if not the only place, to look is on the internet; your best bet would be trying to search Google for Kooikerhondje puppies for sale and Kooikerhondje breeders . Since Kooikerhondje puppies are such a rare dog breed, Kooikerhondje puppies going to cost you a pretty penny too, but if you have enough money saved up to buy a Kooikerhondje puppy as your new canine companion dog , I say go for it! I mean, I know that I would buy a Kooikerhondje puppy if I had the opportunity to do so. Remember to keep in mind that the Kooikerhondje price is usually high on these Dutch dogs. One reason why the Kooikerhondje price is so high is because of the fact that Kooikerhondjes are one of the most rare dog breeds .



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    • profile image

      KooikerFan 4 years ago

      To learn more about the truly amazing breed check out the KCUSA at

      And on June 15, 2013 there will be 20+ kooikerhondjes in Kalamazoo, MI at the

      Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Club of the USA

      Annual Specialty Show and Annual Meeting and Elections

      The event may well have the greatest number of kooikers ever assembled in one place at one time in North America!

    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I love hearing personal experiences about peoples' pets, and I have to say that's amazing Glenn that your dog is so highly intelligent! I can totally relate to what you're saying, since I have a Border Collie. It'll be interesting to hear and learn more on the intelligence of these dogs with the greater and greater knowledge and information collected about Kooikerhondjes.

      Sounds also like your dog Cookie Jam-er is probably even in particularly smart for the breed!

    • profile image

      Glenn 5 years ago

      I almost forgot, I am seventy three and retired from the Marine corp at thirty nine. I'm telling you this breed is nothing less than fenomanol.

    • profile image

      Glenn 5 years ago

      My dog "Cookie Jam-er" with out a doubt the smartest, quick learning, obedience, protective canine that I have ever been around. I have had and trained many breeds and folks, "Baxter" is absolutely scary how he learns so quick. Not fast, "Quick". He now reads twelve hand signal orders.

    • anchoraly profile image

      anchoraly 5 years ago from Oly Washington

      I want one! These dogs sound amazing. Thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      tony parker 6 years ago

      I have a kooiker myself, given to me as my pick of tha litter she came home at six weeks to become an amazing family member. She's closes doors after herslf, brings my shoes, phone, turns on and off lights

      and asks permission to come up on furniture.

    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Oh, Thanks again Eiddwen. :)

      I've just really been trying to write hubs that I feel like I can really help to share useful information on dog breeds and dog care with people. I'm really glad to know that people are reading and enjoying my hubs.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Another great dog hub.

      Thank you so much for sharing all these facts about another beautiful dog.

      I am boomarking these and also useful/awesome and up.

      Take care