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$.06 iPhone tripod mount

Updated on February 9, 2013
Thread size of a standard tripod is 1/4" 20
Thread size of a standard tripod is 1/4" 20
Most iPhone users have an extra case laying around
Most iPhone users have an extra case laying around
Add a few drops of glue....
Add a few drops of glue....
Add the tripod of your choice and you are done!
Add the tripod of your choice and you are done!
Works with any style tripod
Works with any style tripod

Don't you love something cool ...

Okay, anyone who owns an iPhone probably has an extra case laying around. One of those cases you bought on a whim... possibly at that Dollar store for a buck (as was my example). One of those cases that after you got it home you realized that it was just not what you wanted or maybe one of the corners cracked when you dropped it? .... Now is the time to drag that old case out of the junk drawer and put it to good use.

If you do not have an extra case... hmmm, well maybe this is the excuse you needed to buy the one you were looking at in the store last month and retire your current case :)

The standard thread on a tripod is 1/4" 20... and a quick trip to the hardware store will have you fixed up with the nut you need in no time. I would suggest the standard one... not the lock nut. If you find yourself standing in front of the 85,000 bins of hardware... just ask a store clerk. The 1/4"20 is a standard one so they will probably know right where it is. Our Home Depot had them loose in a bin for $.06 a piece... I bought 5 just incase it was a hit at home and everyone wanted one.

A few drops of glue (your choice of brands) and a couple mins of waiting will give you a great inexpensive tripod option for your iPhone.

What if you do not have a tripod? Well while you are at the hardware store, pick up the matching bolt that goes with the nut.... the 1/4" long one... with a flat head (not rounded)... while you are making your purchase maybe buy one of those bottles of soda they normally have sitting in the coolers at the check out. Keep the bottle, because when you get home... not only will you not be thirsty, but you will have a bottle top to glue the bolt to. Instant tripod, just fill the bottle with water to add weight. Depending on the drink you purchased, the bottle top may just be all you need to keep if it is a standard size cap it will likely fit a variety of bottles. So, throw the cap and your newly pimped case in the glove box or your day pack and head out prepared for that awesome photo opportunity.

extend your iPhone capability
extend your iPhone capability

Small and Portable - Perfect for this tutorial

Why would I need this? you ask...

Well let me tell you...

There are a variety of apps that can take your iPhone beyond what the built in camera app can do. SlowShutter, 8MM, and Hipstamatic are only a few of them.

SlowShutter for example allows you to control the length of time that your iPhone will keep it's shutter open... essentially giving you manual control. For those of us who love our DLSR but hate the weight... this is an awesome app to have in the arsenal.

8MM is a video app and a great one for family vacations. Gives your video footage that vintage look from the old reel films in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But one thing I know for sure, who ever is taking the video footage is rarely in the shot... This gives the option for the whole group to get in the film...

If you have a tripod with the panning head, then the 360 panorama app would be a snap! No more wobbles in the photo and this will give you a much clearer image.

A coupling nut is a longer possibly more sturdy option
A coupling nut is a longer possibly more sturdy option

Not Brand Specific

Don't have an iPhone? That is ok... this works with any phone, iPod, or other device that will take a photo. As long as you have a plastic cover- you can glue a nut to it... The possibilities are endless... The iPad 2 and 3 users may want to hold off... just for the sheer weight of the device. Or possibly try a Coupling Nut instead. They are longer and may have the sturdiness to handle the bulk. I would still test it over a soft surface such as a pillow before hitting the concrete jungle with it. Just a thought.

Until Next Time

hope you enjoyed the Hub... and "May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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    • Hreichel profile imageAUTHOR

      Heather Reichel 

      5 years ago from Northwestern Pennsylvania

      Glad to help... We made another style with two pieces of angle iron and some craft foam... More like a cradle... For my daughter's iPod touch- they are very skinny and the bolt by itself was not securely fastened

    • RTalloni profile image


      5 years ago from the short journey

      I was just thinking about how best to use my iPhone camera on a small tripod. You've given me the idea of constructing a frame/case to fit over my OtterBox and adding the right sized nut on one side and one end. Thanks much!


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