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10 Projects to Make from Scrap Designer Paper

Updated on July 25, 2013

If you’re an avid paper-crafter, you no doubt have piles and piles of oddly shaped and unusually sized designer paper laying all over your craft room in boxes, tins, drawers and containers of all kinds. They are more than likely kept because they were “too pretty to part with” but continue to clutter your free crafting space. If you are looking for a simple way to unclutter your space and use your pretty little papers, perhaps you might consider trying some of these fun craft projects out of your scraps.


1. Greeting Cards

There are many ways to use scrap paper to create your own handmade greeting cards. Pieces can be torn and ripped to create abstract art, cut into squares to make a patchwork design, or cut to fit a card sketch or template. Card sketches can be a great way to get your creativity flowing while unloading your scraps because they offer you many different styles and designs for which to cut your scrap pieces of paper into.

2. Note Cards

Note cards are simple ways to use your scraps because there are no rules! With just a blank greeting card, paper trimmer and some adhesive, you can easily make some of the most beautiful note cards in very little time at all. In fact, some papers are so pretty that with just a simple trim around the edges, they can be adhered with no additional crafting. You can even make matching envelopes by attaching a strip of scrap paper to the envelope’s fold.


3. Gift Tags

If you’re looking for gift tags that will match your handmade greeting cards or gifts, there is no better way than to use extra scraps. Pre-made gift tags are available for purchase and can easily be finished with embellishments, or, you can buy a die in the shape of a gift tag (most all die-cut machines have a gift tag die template) and use the scrap paper of your choice. Cardstock is the preferred choice, however, as regular designer paper may be too flimsy.

4. Paper Jewelry

Paper bead jewelry is very trendy in the craft world because these paper beads are fun to make and extremely stylish. They can be created by cutting scraps into the width of your choice (typically ½” – 1”) and should be roughly 10-12” long. Paper beads give jewelry makers many more options because the designs are endless and cost next to nothing to produce. All that is needed is your scrap paper, a paper roller, glue, and heavy-duty sealer.

5. Embellishments

Store-bought embellishments can be costly, and will add up quickly if you choose to buy all of your items pre-made. Consider making some of your own embellishments by running some scrap paper through a die-cut machine. A simple die is not very expensive and can save you hundreds of dollars by creating your own paper flowers, buttons, shapes and more!

6. Post-It Note Holders

Post-it note holders are a very inexpensive project that can easily be alternated and changed with each theme, event or season. All you will need is a clear acrylic frame in the size of your choice, a Post-It note pad, and an embellishment or two. Instead of inserting a picture between the folds of the acrylic frame, add a piece of scrap paper cut to fit the size of the frame. A Post-It note pad can be added with double-stick tape, and embellishments with foam tape for a little dimension.


Bookmarks are quick and simple ideas for scrap paper because they require next to no crafting whatsoever. In fact, a basic bookmark can be created with nothing more than your scraps and laminating paper. Simply trim your scrap paper to the size of your choice (a typical bookmark is roughly 2”x6”) and cut a piece of laminating paper ¼ to ½” larger around all edges. You can choose to leave the bookmark the way it is, or punch a hole and add a ribbon or tassle.


8. Well Wishes Tree

A well wishes tree can make a lovely, unique gift for someone they will cherish a lifetime. You can use scrap paper to create wish cards by cutting your scraps in 3x3” or 4x4” squares and writing your wishes on the inside before folding in half and attaching to your branches with a ribbon.


9. Coasters

Coasters can be made by adhering your scrap paper to tiles, cork board, or store-bought inserts and require very little time to make. A set of four can easily be produced using the same pattern, or, you may choose to use four different patterns to create a slightly more eclectic set.

10. Decoupage

Since decoupage in itself requires you to cut, trim, and tear small pieces of paper, it is perhaps one of the best ideas for getting rid of your scrap paper. All that is needed are your scrap pieces of paper, some laminating glue (i.e., matte or gloss-finish Mod Podge), a sponge paint brush, and a box, canvas, or object of your choosing.


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    • viveresperando profile image

      viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      Enjoyed this.

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev 5 years ago from Wales

      I always have lots of little scraps lying around - not only designer paper, but paper I have decorated or painted myself. These are great ideas. Thank you!