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How to Sell Handmade Greeting Cards

Updated on June 27, 2013

Handmade greeting cards are on the rage and every paper crafter is in love with the endless possibilities – and with so many products and tools on the market, no crafter can resist! Handmade greeting cards are fun to make and even better to receive. They let the people who you give them to know that you care as the recipient will see all of the time put into just one card. But these cards can also be profitable, too. Whether it be to pay for your supplies or just to have a little extra spending money, selling your handmade greeting cards is an possibility if you consider a few options below.

Sell to friends and family

Selling your handmade greeting cards to friends and family members is a wonderful way to get started. Remember, when a friend or family member buys your cards, more than likely the card is not a gift for themselves, but rather for a recipient of their choice. And who better to be your biggest spokespeople but the people who care for you the most? With just a simple logo on the back of each of your cards and a business card with your information, in very little time at all, you’ll have people contacting you for more orders.

Sell to co-workers

Like with friends and family members, selling your cards to co-workers gives you an even greater pool of people to see your cards. Leave a nice basket on your desk or in your cubicle to let your co-workers check them out. Keep a stack of business cards along with them to further spread the word. You’d be surprised at how many orders you will get, and how many future sells will come in.

Sell on your own website

Selling greeting cards on your own website can be intimidating but it’s not as hard as it seems. And with the thousands of web-hosting companies out there today, your web-hosting costs will be very minimal. Just remember when you choose your web host to not get caught up so much in design but in functionality. Does the web-host provide you with a shopping cart? The #1 biggest concern your customers will have is online security so before you worry about design templates, make sure you have a secure cart to accept payments from. Another thing to consider if you decide to pay for your own domain is to choose a domain that is easy to remember. Having a domain that is too long, confusing, or “creatively” spelled, can make it harder for customers to find you.

Sell on artisan maretplaces

The easiest ways to sell greeting cards online right now are through artisan marketplaces such as Etsy and Artfire, although there are many more popping up each year. Many of these online marketplaces will charge you a fee per transaction, but they will help you get the word out and are best used along with your own website. Online artistan marketplaces such as Etsy also give you the opportunity to be part of a community where others will offer tips, ideas and critiques to further help you increase your sales. It is also a great easy way to get started and test the waters online.

Sell on e-Bay

Selling handmade cards on e-Bay will be a challenge, but it is another option. Selling your cards on e-Bay will work just like any other product on e-Bay – you are charged a fee and will have a set time to sell your work. Many card-makers choose e-Bay to sell their cards as it is very, very simple, however, with so much competition, it is very hard to sell single greeting cards, and you are more than likely going to be selling them for a fraction of the cost you could be selling them at craft fairs and other venues. If you do choose to go this route, packaging your greeting cards as sets seems to help.

Sell at craft fairs

Selling your handmade cards at craft fairs is a great way to get some exposure from those who appreciate handmade items. Another thing to consider is the fact that many of those who buy handmade items at craft fairs, are buying gifts which they will need cards for. Market your cards as just that, and be careful of over-pricing and losing customers to other card-makers. To ensure you stand out, take extra time constructing your area and come up with clever, eye-catching displays to get people to visit your table. Offering custom orders or personalization will also increase your sales.

Sell at home parties

Have you ever had a Tupperware party? Well, why not have your own greeting card party? Card-making parties are great ways to get together with your closest friends and family and sell your handmade cards just as you would with any product. Make a night of it by offering finger foods, games, and even prizes. Showcase your greeting cards in fun and creative ways and you’ll see the orders fly in. From my own personal experience, you will be shocked at how many special orders you will have by the end of the night, and how many people will ask when your next card party is!

Sell on consignment

Have you ever bought anything on impulse just because it caught your eye on the counter? Contact your local hair salon, florist, or gift shop and ask if they’d be willing to let you put a small display of your greeting cards out on their counter. Many store owners will be interested and although you will have to take a percentage out of your profits, it is worth it to get your name out there.


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