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2 Tips For Cleaner Drawings

Updated on January 16, 2011

Dirty drawings are unatractive, no mater how good the art is it's self... here are a few tips that will save you time, effort and get it right the first time. ;)

Smudges On The Paper And Smudged Drawing

When drawing most of use rest our hand on the paper while drawing, this makes pencil smudges ad you move your hand back and forth right?

Well the traditional tip is to draw the left side of the the drawing then to move the right side if your right handed and to do the opposite if you are left handed.

This however never worked for me... I like to jump from thing to thing and to different features and lines on both side of the drawing... as you can imagine this meant I had a lot of pencil smudges. Trying to erase all of these each time after the drawing, wore away the paper, was pointless because the paper was already stained, made the paper look old and ragged and was time CONSUMING... some times I felt I spent more time on erasing and fixing smudges in the drawing and around the drawing then doing the actual drawing it's self.

So The Fix Is?

So I took a friends advice, keep your hand off the paper... so standing pointing my ar down trying to keep my hand off the paper was not only hard, but I lost my control and let me tell you some of my dignity trying so desperately and looking so dumb.. lol! Then it hit me, SCRAP PAPER!(Old shopping lists work great!) I started using scrap paper to place beneath my had to prevent the smudging... works great.

At this point I use a piece of note pad paper to use, since I draw in a sketch pad here's what I do: Rip out he note book paper, fold in half the short way use this to put under my hand when drawing... then when the drawing is finished before closing my sketch pad I will put the scrap paper in-between the drawing and the next page this way it will keep my next page clean as well.

Of course that's a lot of paper, especially if you draw a lot so I using remove the drawing (which I need to do for scanning in anyways) and place it in a folder I have for my art... I actually have several for different things... good to keep organized!

Pencil Indents On More Then One Page:

Tip: 2 Pencil indents from previous drawings

Working in a sketch pad there is something I have noticed, well actually two major things. First off there is always left over pencil indents in the paper from my last drawing. Second off it's very hard to make smooth t line, especially when inking if your doing it on op of more paper. Here's how I fix both at the same time.

You know those awesome, and cute little 97 cents folders they selling any art spot in any store anywhere? Yeah the ones with Kittens and Puppies!! Well, ehem, the point is you want those... no your not going to put anything in them.

What you are going to do is bu one or two if then to put on top of each other under the sheet of paper you are working on in your sketchpad... this will get you a clean and smooth drawing surface for inking or smooth lines in general and it will prevent indent from being pre-applied to the next drawing! ;)

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    • Cam Anju profile image

      Cam Anju 8 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      AmazedMangaArtist :D, Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you thought and I'm very glad my hubs are helpful to you... It's no problem, the purpose to these drawing articles are to help people out, and people like you make it worth all the time! :)

    • profile image

      AmazedMangaArtist :D 8 years ago

      Wow! amazing :) your hubs are really helpful and informative so thank you for taking the time to write them. I'll try using your note paper tip when i do my next manga piece thank you :).