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7 Benefits Of Using Chalk Pens and Chalkboard Markers

Updated on July 24, 2016

Useful and Functional Chalk Pens

Best Quality Chalk Pens
Best Quality Chalk Pens

Are you still using the old chalk?

Most of us are used to the traditional chalk used in blackboards. It often brings about nostalgic memories of our teachers. Life was always fun when we were young but with time things change. Our childhood memories of old chalk are soon going to be replaced with easy to use chalk pens, chalk markers and liquid chalk. You no longer have to spend time cleaning the dust nor do you have to worry about being allergic to dust because these new chalkboard markers are quite different from the ones which were previously used.

Time For Change

Today, people are replacing their old chalk with modern and innovative pens or chalk markers. The demand for these modern pens is quite high – once you use these markers, you will simply love them. So, here are some benefits of liquid chalk and the reason of their high popularity.


Chalkboard markers are quite versatile and most useful when we think about pens used in classrooms. These pens can be bought in different colors. If you have ever used these pens, you will love their intense colors which are quite attractive to eyes. You can select the colors as per your preference. These are especially useful for Art and drawing classes where you need bright and intense colors. These pens are just perfect for highlighting your written image which is definitely going to attract the attention of people.

Variety of Intense colors

Variety Of Intense Liquid Ink Colors
Variety Of Intense Liquid Ink Colors

Clear and Enhanced

These modern chalkboard markers offer great quality strokes which are clear and enhanced. They are more defined than the marks produced by old chalk which often forms dust.

Tiny Strokes

You can use these chalk markers for your Art classes or anywhere when you need tiny clear strokes. These small sharp strokes are often impossible with conventional chalk. Such pointy and tiny strokes are possible because these markers are designed for the purpose. They have pointed ends which make the strokes sharp and clear.

Long Lasting

Your liquid ink pen shall last longer than traditional old chalk. These chalk markers use ink for writing which last longer on the board. This makes them suitable for use in announcement boards and signage as you do not have to retouch the writing again and again. The mark stays permanently on board till you use a wet cloth to clean it.

Use Them In Different Surfaces

You can use these pens in different surfaces. This is what makes these pens highly functional and so special. These can be used in different places which include on canvas, on paper, stone, textured and slippery glass, metal, paper and many other places. These are convenient to use and efficient for use anywhere you feel like.

Easy To Clean

These are easy to clean and convenient to use every time. You do not have to worry about flying dust all the while. You will just need a wet cloth and wipe the board. There will be no marks left and you can use the pens again and again to write. It is as simple as that.

Clear and Sharp Writing With Chalk Pens

Clear and Sharp Writing
Clear and Sharp Writing

Completely Safe

These pens are totally safe for use. These pens are kids friendly too. They do not contain any toxic material and are water based. Being water based, these are easy to wipe out from any surface which includes the skin. There are no harmful side effects of using them. There is no additional cleaning hassle involved as in case of dust. These can be used in schools, offices, stores and restaurants.

Let in innovation and technology bring a change in your life. Use these super quality chalkboard pens and enjoy every task you undertake.


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