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Great Gifts - Artist - Michel Delacroix Paintings

Updated on February 1, 2014

Michel Delacroix is an outstanding French artist born in Paris in 1933.  His work is very distinctive and highlighted with intense details and great lighting.

While his work has been described as "primitive style" which is probably technically correct, I find his work best described as nostalgic - reminiscent of a simpler time with exquisite cityscapes primarily of his hometown Paris, France.

Unlike many artists where their exact birthday is touted, only the year is available for this French and elusive artist.

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Delacroix Biography and Background

Delacroix studied at the Lycee Louis-le-Grand.His numerous art exhibits include 1972 Galerie Romi, Paris; Galerie 93, Paris; 1973 Galerie Krull Kreffeld, Germany; Centre Cultural Francais, Luxembourg; 1974 I.K.I., Dusseldorf; Arts Guild Exposition, Monte Carlo; Salon des Artists Francais, Paris.

Cityscapes - Europe - Main Paris

The cityscapes as I stated before are nostalgic not primitive.

All of his cityscapes are very detailed with a luminescence light. You can feel the city's very energy.

The dutch painting entitled "Sweet Life" (in French it is of course much more romantic of a name - La Vie en Rose) with the windmills and the soft sunset is my personal favorite.

Interior Rooms - Primitive

The paintings Delacroix has of interior rooms are clearly primitive. See this website for more great Delacroix works of art including his interior rooms:


And the awards are equally as numerous including: 1973 Prix Public, Prix Pro Arte, Morges, Switzerland; 1975 Grand Prix des Amateurs D'Art, Paris; 1976 Prix de la Cotes D'Azure, Cannes and Premier Prix des Sept Collines, Rome.

Official Artist for the Olympic Games - Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

In 1994, Michel Delacroix's outstanding achievements was recognized and he was named the Official Artist of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

Additionally he was commissioned to celebrate the 1996 Games in an oil painting which he entitled "Atlanta 1886-1996".

Delacroix's work was used to create an Official Poster for the 1996 Games and a special limited edition painting titled "1896 Olympic". And again to his credit, in 1995, Delacroix became the Official Artist of the 1995 Special Olympics World Games.

A great artist with vibrancy of color and depth and detail, and yet, his birth date and a great video eludes us out on the Internet so alas I must share this little bit of information.

His paintings speak for themselves.

The detail in all of his work is absolutely remarkable, the colors are life-like.

The cityscapes, of course, are of his home town, a world-renowned romantic city in its own right - Paris, France. It is therefore not surprising that Delacroix studied and now lives in this great city.

Once Upon Paris - Book by Delacroix 2003

In 2003, in conjunction with Delacroix's 70th birthday, the book Once Upon Paris was published and continues to be a popular item even today.

What's In a Name?

The correct spelling of his name is Michel Delacroix and yes, I found it spelled wrong in many places. The first name is "Michel" not Michael.

And Michel's relation to the great master painter by the name of Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix born April 26th, 1798 (see we have Eugene's birth date!) and died August 13th, 1863. is unknown.

Eugene Delacroix - Prince of Romanticism

Ferdinand (typically referred to simply as Eugene Delacroix) was also French and very accomplished and talented artist. He was considered "a French Romantic" and many of his paintings were of people and was labeled the "prince of romanticism". The Getty Museum has a number of Eugene Delacroix's paintings.

Given the geography and the great artist talents, I could easily see these two great artists having a blood connection - alas no connection is given in the several sites that I visited. If you know, please share with us.

Ironically the owners of my favorite restaurant in William's Bay, WI here in the United States also have the last name of Delacroix.  Connection - probably not but I had to ask!

Know Delacroix's Birth Date?

If you know his birth date - please let us know!

I could not locate the month and day - only the year 1933.

Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Video About Delacroix's Work for the Getty Museum

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Summary - Michel Delacroix

France is known as the world hub of fashion and romance. From luxurious silk scarves to romantic travels, France is iconic in many ways. Michel Delacroix is truly a great artist walking amongst us in the streets of Paris.


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