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Basic Candle Making

Updated on March 18, 2011

The Basics Of Candle Making

A Candle Making Introduction

Candles have been around for many years, used as a source of light, even cavemen have in ancient times used them whilst drawing on cave walls with their art, although back them candles were made out of a mixture of animal fat and other binding substances. Thankfully now a days there are specialist wax resins that are used to actually make candles.

Candle making is big business and a very profitable hobby craft that anyone can do, the art of the candle is and can be a fun thing to create, with many shapes and artistic looking candle sculptures that are possible with this creative craft, colors are limitless too and you can do scented or unscented candles based on customer preference, but many do like the nice scents that arise from a lit candle with many different smells like vanilla, chocolate and Jasmine to name a few.

Candles are quite often made out of beeswax or paraffin wax, which you can find online or at a store that has specialist waxes, both are natural waxes and are preferred for their flexibility in candle making as standard. Before the candle dries a wick is placed directly in the centre of the candle so that it sets within, sometimes candle manufacturers place thicker wicks to create a more larger flame from the candles, the wick is usually cotton strands entwined together.

When you start to make candles for the first time, there is obviously an element of health and safety to understand, such as a tidy work area for your candle making, as there will be hot wax and the possibility of fire hazards, so a fire extinguisher is a must in your work room and it's a case of having common sense with any wax spills on the floor, by wiping them up immediately and wearing some form of protective equipment for your hands such as gloves and even eye goggles, because you never know.

When starting out, it is best to make standard candles which will be simple ones which you would recognize in the shops and then work up to some fancy looking ones later on, by starting off with realistic expectations you will get used to working and making your candles to your own specifications with regards to the right temperatures of melting the wax and seeing which waxes cool quicker as opposed to others. Once you have a good understanding and have grown in confidence can you then try adding scents and different colors as well as shapes to your candles

A lot of people enjoy making candles, mainly because every household usually has them and so they are easily a recognizable household thing and so it's fun to make them and then turn this into a money making business, you can find candle making supplies online or at your local store or specialist hobby store so venture out there and try and do something creative like making your own candles.

Candle Making Kits Available On Amazon

Candle Making

Make some candles like these fantastic sea shell candles.    Image source -
Make some candles like these fantastic sea shell candles. Image source -

Candle Making Basics

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    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 

      7 years ago from Texas

      These are cool!


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