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Make Your Own Film - With Windows Movie Maker (WMM)

Updated on July 29, 2012
Movie Clapperboard
Movie Clapperboard

Be Your Own Movie Director

Have you ever watched a movie, or perhaps a TV show and thought "I wish I could do that", or maybe even, "I could do better than that"? - If only you had the money, the equipment, the skills and the distribution deal, you too could be a great director - A great Movie Maker?

Well fret no more my little one, you Can be a Movie maker. What's more, the chances are that you already have all the equipment you need, including a huge audience just waiting for you to produce something.

The Youtube Revolution

The times, my friend, are a changin' These days almost anybody can become a Movie maker and Director with very little effort thanks to modern technology. In fact, many millions of people have done just that and displayed their efforts as a movie maker to a world-wide audience thanks to video hosting websites like Youtube.

Youtube was the first successful Video Hosting site and it's stunning success has been the motivation for many hundreds of others to follow in it's wake. Just take an hour or so to browse through Youtube and you will find more home-made productions by back-yard movie maker/ producers than you can shake a very large stick at.

Youtube has made it so simple for anyone to make a movie - upload it - and find their audience. Some funny, some sad, some good, some bad - and some that are indistinguishable from professional productions!

Most Youtube producers are self taught, learning either by trail-and-error how to be a movie maker, or by referring to the thousands of tutorial videos available on Youtube and similar sites, and the sheer variety of videos and subjects they produce is breathtaking.

Movie Crew
Movie Crew

Doesn't this require a lot of expensive equipment?

Well of course, like any other hobby, the cost of top-range equipment can run into tens of thousands of dollars - But you can become a movie maker, and can probably start producing very acceptable movies using just what you have already.

To make movies, you need just three things:

  1. A Camera
  2. Editing Software
  3. An Audience

Camera - You absolutely do not need an expensive camera to be a movie maker producing movies for Youtube. Most mobile phones these days have the facility to record video. (Some of the more modern ones even offer High-Definition video).

Do you have a Digital camera? Most digital cameras also offer the facility to record video. If not, don't despair - It's possible to be a movie maker without shooting an inch of video footage.Many movie makers produce videos on youtube that are composed entirely of still shots with effects, sound and music added at the editing stage. Indeed, many producers have created stunning video using nothing more than this technique.

Editing Software - Again you can purchase some very technical programmes which can produce any effect you desire and which will require a steep learning curve and cost you a lot of money - Or you can use the editor you already have -

Whoa - Stop right there! - Did you say the editor I already have? - But I don't already have an editor program.

You sure? - If you are running Windows on your PC, Just click on "All programs" and search down the list until you find a prog called "Windows Movie Maker" - This is movie editing software, and it comes shipped with every copy of Windows.

Find your copy of Windows Movie Maker (click "Start" then "All Programs" and just look down the list until you see "Windows Movie Maker"), open the program and play around with it. It's very easy to use and will allow you to produce some very professional effects. Youtube is literally bursting at the seams with tutorials for "Windows movie maker" - So if you are at any point wondering how to use any of the features of Windows Movie Maker, remember that Youtube is your friend.

I received a message from one reader who was very upset because Windows Movie Maker (WMM) would not allow him to import the video that he had shot on his mobile phone. The most likely explanation is that his phone does not record video in AVI or WMV format (which are the only video formats WMM accepts). This is easily remedied by using free conversion software (just Google "free video conversion software" - you will find lots). Just convert whatever format your phone records in to WMV and you're ready to go!

Audience - You will find a willing audience for your creations on Youtube and similar sites. Uploading your video is very easy to do (Windows Movie Maker can optimise your movie for use in email, youtube or just for showing direct on your computer). You can create you own "Channel" (which is a bit like having your own TV station which will host all your videos ready for immediate viewing). It's simple to mark your videos as uniquely your own, and you can even collect your own fans (or subscribers) who will be automatically be informed whenever you produce a new movie - Some producers have subscribers numbering in the millions!

Did You Know About Windows Movie Maker

Did you know that Windows came along with it's own Free movie editor?

See results
Be your own Movie Director
Be your own Movie Director

Want to go professional?

So, with your camera and Windows Movie Maker, you are all set to go. Not only will it cost you nothing to be your own Movie Producer - You could even get paid for doing so!

I'm not Kidding - If you can build up your base of Youtube subscribers, you could become a "Youtube Partner". This is a scheme where Youtube will share with you any advertising revenue that your movie views collect.

As you can imagine, with some videos collecting millions of views, such revenue in not to be sniffed at. Many Youtubers make a substantial income from their efforts.

Some even earn their living on Youtube - Yes! professional Youtubers! - and there are a select few who earn a Massive income from it. So, don't think it can't be done - all you have to do is grab your video camera and start.

On second thoughts, you might not even need a video camera (Check out the video below.)

No Excuses

So if you Really want to be a movie producer - What's stopping you? Pick up that camera and get filming.

You will certainly gain great satisfaction - and you may even make some money. Who knows? - You may be the next Speilberg

Video making made easy

Windows Movie Maker Knowledge


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