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Bermuda Grass

Updated on June 4, 2013

Do you sometimes wonder, what will it take to have a nice lawn? Are you constantly battling against dry, brown grass? Are you spending a fortune watering your grass? If you are, you are not at all alone. In much of the country, people are dealing with the reality of the summer heat. They are dealing with the reality of long stretches of days, even weeks, without rainfall. Those living in the west or the south may be having these problems especially, but even our friends in the northeast have to battle the rising heat. These weather conditions can take their toll on your lawn. Sometimes you may be wondering, how much lawn do I even have left?

If any of this sounds like your experience, then maybe the problem isn’t with your lawn and garden abilities but with your grass itself. Maybe the grass that is planted on your lawn just can’t take the heat. No wonder, then, if it turns to brown in the summertime. Then again, what’s the secret that your neighbors seemed to have found for their lush, green lawn? How do they do it? The answer just might be Bermuda grass.

Bermuda grass is a species of grass that is native to hot places in the world
Bermuda grass is a species of grass that is native to hot places in the world

What is Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass is a species of grass that is native to hot places in the world, places like Africa, India, and Australia. It is called Bermuda grass because it was introduced to that island in the colonial period, and once it got there started growing like crazy, pushing out some of the native grasses.

Given its places of origin, Bermuda grass is used to the heat. In fact, Bermuda grass can be said to thrive in the heat, growing abundantly in hot climates while other types of grass quickly burn up. What’s more, Bermuda grass is drought resistant, requiring much less water to keep it green and healthy. This is due in part to it deep root system, which can go down as deep as two meters. It grows across the ground, making a dense mat of blades as it follows its own growth, crowding out other grasses and weeds.

All of this means that Bermuda grass is the perfect grass for lawns in hot and dry places. If you live in an area of the country that fits this description, then Bermuda grass might just be the answer to your lawn troubles. No more brown spots. No more watering all day and all night!

Other Advantages to Bermuda Grass

In addition to looking great in hot and dry weather and saving you money on your water bill, Bermuda grass has some other important benefits as well. These include its durability, its ability to thrive in harsh soil conditions, and the various varieties of Bermuda grass that have been developed to handle many types of growing situations.

Bermuda grass is a favorite of people who take care of parks, golf courses, and other very high traffic areas. The reason for this is its durability. Bermuda grass can withstand a lot of walking while retaining its green and healthy growth. In addition, it can be planted as seed, as well as sod, making it easy to cultivate. Bermuda grass is also able to tolerate some really harsh soil conditions. Costal soils containing a lot of salt or desert areas with an alkaline soil are perfect candidates for this hardy grass. Bermuda grass has even been grown in California’s Central Valley where the saline content of the soil prevents the growth of most other crops.

Given the hardiness and popularity of common Bermuda grass, many hybrids have been developed over the years to improve its already excellent qualities. There are strains of Bermuda grass that can be grown in more northern zones, extending the usefulness of the grass. Hybrids have also given the grass a greener color and a softer texture. Finally, Bermuda grass hybrids develop thicker mats and are more resistant to disease.

Considering all of the benefits of Bermuda grass, you can almost ask yourself, why didn’t I plant it sooner? Bermuda grass will give you a more beautiful lawn than you might have thought possible.


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