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Purple Roses, Love at First Sight

Updated on August 12, 2013

Each kind of flower has its own significance. Daisies stand for friendship and purity, lilies are for Easter and the return of spring, and forget-me-nots are for remembrance. But of all the flowers, roses are given greater weight of meaning than all others. In fact, every kind of rose and every color has its own meaning, especially when given to someone else.

Purple roses, your local florist will tell you, are almost as popular to give to a lover as are red roses. This is especially true on Valentine’s Day. And what special meaning does the purple rose convey? Why, love at first sight!

Purple Rose in Garden
Purple Rose in Garden

Enchantment and Majesty

The emotion most frequently associated with a purple rose is one of utter enchantment. In other words, it is a feeling of magic and enthrallment with another person that motivates the giving of a purple rose. People who meet and fall in love right away, at first sight, are lovers who seem to be magically enchanted with one another, who are destined to always be together. No wonder the purple rose is so popular on Valentine’s Day!

Purple has also been the color most associated with royalty. A king or queen’s cloak is often of the deepest purple. The orb that an emperor or empress wields at the end of her staff is often amethyst or another precious purple stone. Purple is associated with opulence and abundance. Again, is it any wonder that lovers give purple roses to the kings or queens of their desire?

The Purple Rose of Cairo

An example of the significance of the purple rose is in a Woody Allen film from the mid 1980s called The Purple Rose of Cairo. The film features in its leading role Allen’s then-wife, Mia Farrow, and costars Jeff Daniels. Daniels is the hero in a romantic movie that Farrow returns to watch again and again in order to escape the drudgery of her life, made yet more sorrowful by the Great Depression. Farrow falls madly in love with Daniels, and, in a moment of movie magic, he leaves the screen on which he acts to woo the smitten Farrow. It is truly a movie fueled by enchantment and the possibility of love at first sight.

Yellow Roses mean friendship. Blue Roses mean unattainable. Purple Roses means love at first sight.
Yellow Roses mean friendship. Blue Roses mean unattainable. Purple Roses means love at first sight.

Kinds of Purple Roses

There are several varieties of purple roses that are commonly given as gifts or grown in the rose lover’s garden. Each is of a different shade of purple and of different flower type.

For a simple yet decidedly elegant purple rose, the Wild Blue Yonder can’t be beat. The flowers are richly purple and carry a captivating spicy scent. The Purple Tiger Rose is a beautiful shade of mauve and has extremely fragrant blooms. The Purple Tiger is  highly sought rose for the garden. Finally, the Louis XIV Rose, named, of course, after the French king, is the epitome of nobility. Its petals can range from red to a purple so deep it is nearly black.

Purchasing Purple Roses

If it is near Valentine’s Day and you live in at least a small-sized city, finding a florist with purple roses to give to your sweetheart shouldn’t be a problem. As mentioned above, next to the red rose, the purple rose is a favorite on the lover’s special day. But if you seek a purple rose during another part of the year, it may be you’ll need to head to the phone or online to find your flower.

Of course, perhaps the most famous of flower delivery services is FTD Flowers. FTD offers same day delivery of all manner of flowers, roses included, and for any occasion. 1-800-FLOWERS is another popular service for delivery of flower bouquets, arrangements, and even plants and gift baskets. For a third option, check out Just Flowers even allows you to browse for flowers by price range.

The Right Occasion to Give a Purple Rose

Seeing as purple roses are symbols of love at first sight, it can be a great thing to give on a first date. If your date ends up not being the person of your dreams, they never have to know what the flowers meant. If you find that person to be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, it will make a great story to tell them later.

When it comes to the dating world, you need to hedge your bets and work at finding that special someone. Whether it happened by chance or you enlisted a specialist and used a match maker, it doesn't hurt to use this appreciative symbol to show that you are open to love.

The King, and Queen, of Roses

Whether you wish to grow your own roses or have them delivered to your sweetheart on his or her special day, the purple rose is the most noble of flowers. To give a purple rose is to admit to enchantment, to magic, to the spell of love. Handing a lover a rose of this hue is to say to him or her, I am enthralled, I am your servant of love, you are my king, my queen. The purple rose is the epitome of love at first sight, of being swept from your feet, both sweet and divine.


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