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Best Room Themes for Your Baby Girl

Updated on February 25, 2015

Room designing for kids is very fun for most of peoples but for some peoples this is very difficult, especially for those parents who are doing it for the first time. So today you will learn about different ideas and styles that you can use to design a room for your baby girl.

Girls have different thinking styles and they prefer different things in their rooms as compared to the boys so if you have designed a room for boy then it will be difficult to design a room for your baby girl for first time.

Princess Nursery Theme:


This is the most common and preferred theme that is chosen by most of the parents when they are choosing the design theme for their baby girl. Girl usually likes princess and they want to be a princess, this is very common unless you have a girl who wants to be something else. We will talk about that later but for now we will focus on the princess theme that you can create for your baby girl.

The most important thing for you will be to chose the design character that you want to implement in that theme. There are numerous options for you that can avail. First you should know that which the character that your little princess likes is. She will get very confused when you will ask her this question but trust me you can help her in making the decision for her. If she find it very difficult to handle it then you can make her choose different characters. You can them make a suitable collection out of those characters that your little girl has chosen.

You can them visit different retail stores that offer the characters that your little girl has chosen. You can also visit the Amazon for the Disney collection because Amazon mostly offers the characters that are very famous and well known among little babies.

You will get the wide collection of different characters from Amazon and the most important thing is that you should consult your little queen if you have to make some adjustments to the collections because it is her room that you are decorating so her opinion matters.

Hello Kitty Theme:


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This theme is very important on the list of the most common and favorite themes for the baby girl rooms. The most common color that you will see for this theme will be pink but you can use other colors if you want. This is the most famous character for girls and you will find the diversity of different things available on both retail and online stores.

You should visit the Etsy because seller over there offers wide range of customization to the theme items that they sell. You should not surf online for this character because this is little old character so you will see some old and out of production items for this character.

My advice is that you should visit the big stores like Ebay and Amazon to get the latest items. Out of all the other themes this is the most beautiful and unique theme for the room of your little baby girl.

Nature Nursery Themes:


Some girls are very different when it comes to the room designs. They want to be close to the nature and they want to feel the nature inside their room.

This is very common among young girls so you must not see this as a different thing. When we are talking about nature themes then there is lot of options that we can consider.You can visit the retail stores and other online stores to look for different and beautiful collection of nature themes.

You can select bed sheets and pillows that have flowers and other natural sceneries. When you will go to the retail store then you will see the wide collection of different things and then you can select accordingly. The most important thing is that you must take your little angel with you when you are going shopping for her room.

Mickey Mouse Nursery Themes:


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Everyone loves the great Mickey mouse and so your little girl. If your little girl is a big fan of Mickey Mouse then things can get very easy for you when you will be designing her room because manufactures have a wide collection of Mickey Mouse characters and other items.

You can visit the online stores to take a look on different characters that are being offered on good rates. If you want a little customization then you can visit the Etsy because retailers over there offer very wide range of customization options. You can also shop online for bed sheets and other items that you think that your little angel will like.

You should not visit certain reseller sites because they mostly contain the of production items. If you want to know that whether that specific item is available or not them you can ask that particular reseller but my advice is that you must visit trusted sites like Amazon and Ebay if you want to be sure that you will get what you have paid for.

Cinderella Nursery Themes:


Cinderella is very beautiful charter and is very popular among little girls. There is wide variety when it comes to the Cinderella collection and you will be surprised to see the whole collection.

There are different characters that you can select and different items that will look decent in the dream room of your little angel. The interesting thing is that manufactures offer very different items in the shape of Cinderella character. You will see the lamps and dustpans that look very cute when they are places in the room. In this way you can find lot of different itemed that will add lot of beauty in the room of your little girl.

The important thing is that you must take your little angel with you when you are choosing the designs and characters for her room. When you are selecting things online then make sure that she is present with you, this is very important because children very sensitive and they think that they are being ignored so you must talk with them about different chaises as this will uplift them in a very unique way and this will also boost their self confidence.

Painted Glass Items:


These painted glass items are very popular among adults but you can also introduce them inside the room of your little angel. If there is local painter present that can paint glass items then you are very lucky and you can ask him to pain different glass items in the shape of different cartoon characters like Cinderella and frozen.

These glass items look very cool in the room and your little angel will also love these things. There is another interesting paint that is available for the glass painting and that paint glow in the dark. This thing is very eye catching and magnificent when we see it in the dark and low light. Some people use that items in the bathrooms to make them beautiful but you can use them in the room to make it beautiful.

If you search online about the Burj-Al-Arab interior design then you will see that glass painting is mostly used in the bathrooms to make them more beautiful. They also use the light behind the glass as this makes the glass more shining and sparkling. These are very expensive things but you can use them on a very limited budget.

The most important thing that matters is that your little girl is happy with the room design. As they say that all is well that ends well so if your little angel is happy then everything is good.


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