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Black Candles

Updated on August 8, 2010
Black votive candles
Black votive candles

The Myth and Lore of Black Candles

For years, most people have flinched at the thought of even having black candles in their homes. This is in part Hollywood’s fault for typecasting these candles for the casting of black magic spells, devil worship and summoning the dead. In reality, the myth surrounding black colored candles is just that, a myth! Folklore and cultural beliefs from all over the world cast a much different light on black candles and their uses.

In many religions and cultural mores, lighting candles that are black in color does not draw evil to your home; instead it banishes negative energies away from you and your surroundings. Under the traditions of kwanza, black colored candles are in every candle arrangement for that holiday. They are used as the central candle and represent unity and purity and have no negative connotations.

Using Black Candles in your Home Decor

In home décor, nothing speaks elegance more than black candles. They can match just about any style of décor and will accent and add a subtle hint of boldness your existing candle decorations when placed in the bathroom, the bedroom or the living room. Black candles on a bright red kitchen top can add a large dose of drama to the kitchen bring it to life like nothing else can!

If you are torn between using black colored candles in your décor but are still squeamish about using stark black, you can perform a little wizardry of your own and create your very own marbleized black-and-white candle masterpieces.

Create your Own Black-and-White Candles

Here’s a unique decorating process that incorporates black candles into your décor with a subtle touch and style.

Take an oversized glass jar and insert a cone made up of tin foil, with a wick strung through. Grab some oversized black crayons at your local toy store, unwrap and cut them into pieces. Heat up some simple white paraffin and pour a little into the mold. When it is cool, drop in some black pieces of crayon, pour a little more white wax over them and let cool again. Do this several times to create alternating layers of black and white. You can make several black and white candles with different variations for a truly stunning effect.


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