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Decorating with Floating Candles

Updated on August 9, 2010
A Centerpiece of Floating Candles
A Centerpiece of Floating Candles

Nothing says romantic more than floating candles. You see it all the time in the movies: a bathtub or pool with a lot of tiny, twinkling, free floating flames, used mostly in combination with rose petals or bubbles. That’s not all there is to these charming floaters however; they can be used for much more than just the occasional romantic getaway!

The use of floating candles has transferred over to everyday use, thanks to crafty interior designers. Beautifully sculpted shallow glassware such as oddly-shaped bowls or short, shallow vases in concert with colored chargers create a dynamic and beautiful focal point on a low table in the center of a room.

Floating Candles as Wedding Decorations
Floating Candles as Wedding Decorations

Accentuate your Wedding Décor

Large bowls lined with rose petals or with fresh flowers wrapped around them, holding several floating candles in colors that match the wedding color scheme have graced many a table while guests dine. Alternate uses at such ceremonies have included using them as a sort of floating foot light for ice sculptures or as twinkling lights within a champagne fountain.

Set your Valentine's Day Décor on Fire

Floating heart candles placed all over the house can set your love ablaze on Valentine's Day whether you choose metallic hearts in gold and silver, iridescent hearts, glitter hearts or classic red hearts.

Floating Candles for Christmas
Floating Candles for Christmas

Light up the Holidays

Floating candles are perfect for enhancing the festive atmosphere without detracting from the main holiday décor.

  • Christmas: Poinsettia candles that float around in a large bowl amidst scattered greenery or artificial snowflake candles create a stunning display at any Christmas dinner. For a more subdued attraction, just use floating holly leaf candles or glitter snowflake candles.

  • Halloween & Thanksgiving: An assortment of small leaves in the colors of fall are perfect for accenting your Halloween or Thanksgiving centerpiece.

The main thing to remember when using floating candles is the medium in which you place them. Never use any medium that is flammable, ever. One splash and it all goes up in smoke, literally. The size of the floating candle is up to you, and tea lights work well if you want to light a larger area. For a more dramatic effect, look for larger, cone-shaped floating candles. They are sturdier and are also available in a variety of colors.


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