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Making Easter Egg Cards

Updated on September 2, 2016
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Sweetiepie is an artist and a blogger. See more of her artwork by visiting the website listed on her profile page.

Card making is a budget-savvy way to make cards around Easter. Creating card saves me money and allows me to express myself. Card making is something I have been doing since I was a young girl, and I have always enjoyed sending cards rather than buying ones at the store. When I was seven I remember making cards for my maternal grandpa, and how he used to tease me about how my drawings looked like Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip. Even in college, I used to take time out of my busy schedule to create handmade cards for my friends. I think some of my friends did not know what to think about my hand designed creations because they were used to people presenting them with store bought cards, but I did not let a few opinions change how I felt about handmade crafts. When I started writing on Hubpages more frequently I discovered that there are many talented crafters out there, and I am not the only person who enjoys creating handmade cards. Does a premade card say Happy Easter with a persona touch? Sorry, but only a homemade card can do that! So if you enjoy making cards then this Easter egg card tutorial might be something to add to the repertoire.

Here are three Easter egg cards that I made recently.
Here are three Easter egg cards that I made recently.

How Can I Make My Own Easter Egg Cards?

The easiest way to step into card making is by creating a simple card for a friend or family member. The Easter egg cards that I made for this project are easy to create, and ideal for people of all ages. The materials you would need for this craft would consist of cardstock, scissors, colored pencils, a sketch pencil, and your imagination.

Step One: Start With Blank Card Stock

Card making projects start with a blank piece of card stock.
Card making projects start with a blank piece of card stock.

Make sure to use heavy duty card stock that can withstand the application of colored pencils, or or any other medium that may be used for this project.

Step Two: Fold The Card In Half

Scoring the card makes it easy to fold.
Scoring the card makes it easy to fold.

For the first time ever I tried score card stock before I folded it, and I have to say I was happy with the results. It is much easier to fold a card that has been scored first.

Step Three: Sketch Out The Egg Shape

Sketch out the egg shape.
Sketch out the egg shape.

Sketch out the egg shape for the card. At this point you must decide whether you want a small or big egg. I decided to make an egg that took up most of the card.

Step Four: Cut Out the Egg

Use the scissors to cut out the egg.
Use the scissors to cut out the egg.

Do not worry about being exact when cutting the egg, and do not be afraid to cut beyond the lines. I actually decided my egg looked better when I cut off more than more than I had planned out with my original sketch.

Step Five: Color The Egg

Use colored pencils to bring the egg to life.
Use colored pencils to bring the egg to life.

For the large egg card I decided to design it with blue and pink stripes. Water colored pencils are great for shading and blending on sturdy card stock. Making egg shaped cards is a great project if you do not want your kids to get messy dying real eggs.

Make Smaller Egg Shaped Cards

Fit two egg shapes onto a folded card.
Fit two egg shapes onto a folded card.

Create smaller egg shaped cards by drawing two on more eggs on a folded piece of card stock.

Use vibrant and fun colors on your egg cards.
Use vibrant and fun colors on your egg cards.

Do you enjoy card making?

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