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Cork Rolls for Everyday Use

Updated on September 25, 2013

Cork rolls can be used for many purposes. Teachers and other educators use cork rolls to create bulletin boards in the classroom. Cork rolls are also good for children’s rooms to hang artwork and school assignments. A home office is a great place for a cork roll bulletin board so that important papers and receipts do not get misplaced. In addition to bulletin boards, cork rolls can be put to many other uses, depending on the grade and grain size of the cork used.

Cork board are often seen in school rooms for display, but are more popular in everyday use.
Cork board are often seen in school rooms for display, but are more popular in everyday use.

Grades of Cork Rolls

Cork rolls are sheets of natural cork that retain all of the characteristics of this material. One of the most useful features of cork and cork rolls is the fact that they are self healing. Thus, a bulletin board made from cork roll can be stuck many times with push pins and still retain its utility over many years. Cork is also a relatively soft material and thus is good for fixing to the undersides of heavy objects to protect furniture surfaces.

The grain or grade of cork used in making cork rolls as well as the thickness of the sheets helps determine the best uses for the material. These different grades also have somewhat different appearances and so can be useful when considering the design of a room. Cork rolls can be dyed in a variety of colors as well.

Standard grain cork rolls are an economical choice for making bulletin boards and wall coverings. This grade of cork roll is also often used for shipping purposes, for manufacture of gaskets, and for general uses in hobbies and crafts. It is also used as protective backings for heavy objects. These cork rolls come in various dimensions and thicknesses.

Fine grain cork rolls are used for bulletin boards with heavy use that will require a cork with optimal self healing properties. This type of cork roll is also used as a decorative wall facing in homes or offices. It can be dyed in many colors such as red, green, or blue to expand its decorative function.

Finally, extra fine cork rolls are employed for sound dampening. This type of cork is applied to walls as a sound baffle or beneath various types of flooring, such as ceramic tiles or hardwood floors. It is also used for the insoles of shoes and sometimes in arts and crafts projects.

Cork board made from recycled bottle corks.
Cork board made from recycled bottle corks.

Cork Roll Accessories

When using cork rolls for bulletin boards or as decorative wall facing, you will need the proper tools to affix the cork to the wall. First, you will need an adhesive that will be applied directly to the wall surface. Adhesive for gluing cork rolls generally comes in 1 and 5 gallon sizes. A gallon typically can be used to apply 80 square feet of cork roll. To apply the adhesive to the wall, you will need a metal trowel, preferably with a serrated edge. Once the cork has been laid over the adhesive, a pressure roller is used to bind the cork roll to the wall surface. Pressure rollers for this purpose are usually made of rubber to protect the cork from ripping or other damage.

Purchasing Cork Roll

Cork roll can be found at hobby and craft stores when you require relatively small amounts of cork for smaller bulletin boards or other projects. For purchasing cork rolls in larger quantities, you might want to check out retailers that specialized in wall coverings, facings, chalk boards, and the like. A retailer of this kind that can be found online is Flex-A-Chart handles cork rolls in a variety of square footages and of various dimensions. You can also purchase the necessary accessories for applying cork to the wall.

Jelinik Cork Group specializes specifically in cork and cork rolls. They offer a wide range of cork roll grades and sizes as well as cork rolls in a number of different colors. This company is committed to bringing cork products to the market that are of the highest quality. They are also concerned with using sustainable practices in harvesting cork from cork trees. Cork is a renewable resource that can continue to serve our needs, Jelinik believes, if it is treated with care and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Cork Roll is Versatile and Beautiful

As you can see, cork roll can be put to many uses in the home, classroom, or office.They can be used for big projects or you can put together a cork board organizer wall. As a natural product, it can add a touch of serene beauty to a room. And, because it is a renewable resource, you can feel good about using cork rolls for crafts, soundproofing, and bulletin boards. Functional, beautiful, and good for the earth, cork roll is an eminently useful product.


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