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12V Battery

Updated on June 4, 2013

You may have started to notice this kind of battery around more and more. 12v batteries are the ones that power your garage door opener or your automatic driveway gate clicker. They also might power your car alarm or lighter, your door chimes, certain toys, and many other appliances. 12v batteries give you that extra boost of power many handheld and other devices need. But where’s the best place to buy these batteries? Who has the best prices?

The 12V battery - you'll find a need for it.
The 12V battery - you'll find a need for it.

Buying 12 Volt Batteries for Cheap

The first place you may want to look for 12v batteries is on Google products, under the shopping tab at the top of the Google search page. Here you’ll find a whole range of retailers who sell 12v batteries in all the different brands and with all the accessories you might want with your batteries. For instance, under Energizer 12v battery, you will find a huge 159 different retailers that sell the battery. Prices range pretty widely too, so it’s easy to comparison shop for the best deals. People leave reviews on the Google products site of the 12v batteries, so you can get good recommendations on where to buy them.

Not to be outdone by their competitors, Yahoo Shopping is also a great source for 12v batteries. With several different stores who offer the batteries listed, you can easily find the best price for single and double packs of these batteries on up to 5-packs for those who use many batteries in their homes and cars. Most brands of 12v batteries keep for up to a year, so you can afford to have extras around just in case.

Other Kinds of 12 Volt Batteries

Although we have been talking about the small, round type of 12v battery up until now, this voltage of battery comes in many other different shapes and sizes as well. In fact, 12v batteries are one of the most variable types of battery there is.

For example, many cameras use 12v batteries that are shaped specifically for a particular brand and style of camera. The great advantage of these 12v batteries is that they are rechargeable, saving a lot of money over the long haul on replacing one-time-use batteries. Also, a lot of handheld power tools run on 12v batteries, which are often built right in. Black and Decker power tools run on 12v batteries.

Many cars and other types of vehicles use this voltage of battery as well. Many boats and all terrain vehicles require 12v batteries. For these kind of uses, it is often recommended that you periodically charge the battery with a portable charging unit. for Chargers

A retailer with one of the most comprehensive offerings of marine, ATV, and RV battery chargers is This website carries battery charges for all types of vehicles and at all different amperages. Whether you need a charger for your motorcycle 12v battery or your gel cell variety of 12v, BatteryStuff has what you are looking for. They have a 30 day return policy and do not charge sales tax on your purchases.

12 Volt Battery Testers

These battery testers come in handy in an emergency or just as a way to maintain and preserve your 12v battery’s life. Depending on what you are using your 12v battery for, there are varying models of battery testers. One battery tester that works with both flooded lead acid and AGM style batteries is the ATD Tools tester, model 5490. Purchase this 12v tester from or

A 12 Volt Battery “Hack”?

If you do an Internet search for 12v batteries, you’ll come across this interesting listing, a “hack” people are using to open up small-sized 12v batteries to extract the 8 1.2 volt button batteries that are inside. These button batteries are the type that fit in many other appliances and can cost a good deal when purchased one or two at a time. According to the hack, opening up a 12v battery to extract the button batteries will save a lot of money. Of course, if you try this, be careful!

In any case, as you shop for 12v batteries you will see how versatile this battery type is. They are literally everywhere.


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