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Creating Great Text Effects In Photoshop

Updated on August 22, 2015

Photoshop is a great tool to have on your computer. Not only is it great for manipulating your photos and other images. It can be useful for creating great art and even text for your Hubs, Articles and Web Pages.

In this tutorial I am going to concentrate on creating wood effect lettering that is realistic and will look great at the top of any article or web page. I have used it in the passed for my partners business logo and it looks great.

What you will need

All you will need for this is a Computer with Photoshop (I'm using CS6), some basic knowledge of the program and about 10 minutes of free time.

Once you have tried the tutorial to the left take time to experiment with the settings. You will find lots of different and great results come from experimenting.

Why not try emulating different kinds of wood. I chose mahogany as that is what I used for my partners Logo but any wood effect can be recreated using this simple method.

How To Create The Text Effect

Open up a new document with a White or Transparent background. Around 1000 by 500 will do.

Pick your Foreground and Background colors. Two browns one needs to be darker than the other.

Next select the text tool choose your font. A nice square bold font works best.

Chose the Font Size. (72px is the largest on the list just go for that and you can manipulate the text to a better size later.)

Type your text then using the move tool with Show Transform Controls selected move and change the text size to suit.

Now Click on that tool again and click apply.

Next go into the Filter menu find Render and choose Fibers. Set the settings to Variance 20 and Strength 30. This will give you the wood grain effect.

Next you need to go into the layer properties and select Bevel and Emboss and Contour. (See Image for Settings.

Finishing Touches

By now you should have a decent image and all that is left to to is crop it to size.


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