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Creating a Creative Sanctuary

Updated on October 24, 2012
A creative sanctuary
A creative sanctuary | Source

When most people decide to do something creative, it is a spur of the moment idea. Just when that creative spark is lit do people become motivated to create something. For those of us that use our creativity as a base for our livelihoods’, such as writers, knitters, painters, potters, woodworkers, etc., having a constant stream of creativity is imperative. By creating a space in your home or work area, if possible, you will be able to “force” creative ideas to form.

Finding Your Space

The first step is to find a space that you can make completely your own. This can be a small den, your bedroom, or another room in your house. It just has to be a space that you can go and be uninterrupted. If you are trying to make this space at work, good luck. If you have a private office it may be attainable, but otherwise you will constantly be interrupted by your co-workers and possibly not have the ability to personalize the space enough. Things to keep in mind when picking your spot is whether you need natural sunlight, if you like to look outdoors, how private it is, does it have enough room for your needs and can you decorate it the way you want to. If you cannot find a space that is big enough to actually create the product in, make it a space where you can get those creative ideas on how design your products.

What to do with Your Space

Once you have found that perfect spot it is time to decide how to personalize it. This is the time to figure out what really inspires you. Is it nature? Your family? How about different foods? There are many things that motivate each individual. If there is a piece that you have made that you are really proud of, put a picture of it in your space. Fill your space with pictures, books, posters, etc. all around the room or as Vision Boards, that you can look at when you are feeling stuck for inspiration. Think about creating a Does music inspire you? Make sure that you have a way to play your music while you work. You want your space to scream creativity when you walk into it.

If you are a writer, painting, or some other creator that needs a desk and chair, make sure that the chair is ergonomic and the desk meets your space requirements. Also make sure that the height of the desk will be sufficient for you. You do not want to be hunched over while working. You want to be comfortable so you can focus on the act of creating. You may want to create a few Inspiration Boxes to store inspiration for your ideas.

You also want to make sure that if you are going to be making your products in your space that you have adequate storage capacity. If you are a potter, make sure there is enough space for your clay, pottery wheel, tools, and a space to let your pieces sit before being cooked or to air dry. Also make sure that you have space for your paints, glazes and brushes. For writers, make sure you have space for your research materials, and writing you have done previously, your computer and printer. For woodworkers, you need may need shelves for your wood as well as wall hooks to hang your tools. Whatever space you choose, there has to be enough room to store everything if you will be creating in that room.

Now Start Creating

This space is your sanctuary. This is where you will go to get those creative juices flowing, to be away from distractions and finish those projects you have always put on the back burner. If, after a while, you feel like the creativity is starting to go “stale” try changing up your decorations. Swap those family pictures out for newer ones, or add a pile of magazines to leaf through. This space is yours to create in. Now get those juices flowing and start creating!


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    • fancifulashley profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you for pointing that out. I actually added in the wrong paragraph. All fixed now. It should make a lot more sense.

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Hello again fancifulashley, wise words about creating a workspace. Thank you for inspiration. snakeslane ps, not quite sure if opening paragraph connects, may need a sentence to bridge.


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