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Designing softwares

Updated on November 25, 2014

This hub is about some graphic designing software. In this modern era, we are searching for employment in almost every field of life. One of the best employment provider of 21st century is in IT field, especially in graphic designing, special effects and animation, etc.

Before we took any IT courses, first understand your own strength and weakness. In which field of Information Technology, I am best? This question is very important


Graphic designing softwares are our topic. There are lots of programs which helps the graphic designers to express there mind and skill. Every softwares have unique entity. Someone likes some softwares and dislike another. But this is only a matter of approach of the designer to that particular software. Actually everyone can handle every software quickly and nicely when they use it regularly. Here I am discussing some of the graphic designing softwares I know, and use of each softwares in which area.

Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is one of the best and popular graphic designing software from Adobe. They released their new version photoshop CS5 now. This software is mainly useful for image editing and retouching works, logo creation and art works, stunning background creation and special effects, etc. This software is mostly useful for studio workers and professional brochure creators and artists. It's very handy software, if we learn shortcut keys well. Photoshop is largely used to design book covers, tags, cards, notices, brochures, photo effects, stunning special effect, etc. The new version comes with HDR clarity images. We can edit photos with this software nicely.


Corel Draw is one of the another popular graphic designing softwares I saw. It is a software useful for artists and logo designers, etc. This software is basically a drawing and measuring software rather than a photo editing software like photoshop. We can easily use this software, If we know the tools. Corel draw is very powerful tool for logo designers, art workers and for press workers. The main areas of use is letter pads, notices, brochures, logos, posters, etc. Corel released their latest software. CorelDraw Graphic Suit X5. Previously corel not used basically for photo editing, but the new version offers photo editing tools also. CorelDraws unique vector art functionality gives us total clarity images with great size or resolution for our art and design.

Adobe illustrator

Illustrator is one of the best vector designing softwares. It's unique vector designing ability can attract every vector designers least a bit. Adobe illustrator mainly used for tag creation, button creation, logo creation, artistic works, etc. This software is very useful in creating nice looking brochures and logos. Adobe released the CS5 version of illustrator with powerful tools and effects. A new add on is beautiful strokes in illustrator.

Instead of using the above softwares, we can also use adobe flash and another graphic designing softwares of your choice. Flash is basically used for 2D animation and web designing. But it can also used as a designing software and drawing software. I only mentioned the softwares known to me well, there may be lot better softwares not mentioned above. Hope you got something.. Good luck...

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    • Shake Shah profile image

      Shake Shah 6 years ago from Manjeri

      Thanks for your nice comment, Swetankraj. I am using all of that. My favorite is Photoshop!!

    • Swetankraj profile image

      Swetank Raj 6 years ago from India

      As a beginner in this field i started with Photoshop but Adobe Flash is my major field. Great review and i appreciate you review. Whats your favorite you haven't stated that!

    • Shake Shah profile image

      Shake Shah 6 years ago from Manjeri

      It's very nice to see you rezekianugraha. In my opinion, you need not to stick on any one software. Use and practice two of them simultaneously.

    • rezekianugraha profile image

      rezekianugraha 6 years ago

      I used to practice work (a school program that allow students working in a company) in a graphic design and digital printing company, I saw people there editing graphics quickly with CorelDraw, but using CorelDraw too much will makes us hard to use Adobe Illustrator. Just habit maybe. IMHO :)

    • Shake Shah profile image

      Shake Shah 6 years ago from Manjeri

      Thanks alipuckett, for your valuable comment.

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      Great summary! I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you're using the full Creative Suite, the two programs integrate really nicely. It's easy to switch between them to use the best features of both.