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Drawing And Painting Fantasy Landscapes Book

Updated on August 26, 2011

How To Draw And Paint Fantasy Landscapes Book Review

Following on from a book titled How To Draw And Paint Fantasy Architecture which is indeed a companion to this book as it expands the fantasy landscapes that you could potentially draw and create from your imagination or use reference material to bring out fantastic realistic landscapes in your own fantasy art.

Like the above mentioned book, this book also comes in four main chapters which inspire and direct you on your own fantasy art creative path.

Chapter one - Basics of art is like a condensed art class giving instruction on certain art techniques that are fairly traditionally based and everything you can think of in a fantasy artwork is examined here with composition and depth explored in landscapes to color theory and light and shadow values pooping up too, which seems an echo from the above mentioned book, but it adds to the whole learning and back history of techniques to send you on your way with creating fantasy landscapes.

Chapter two - Elements of landscapesstudies the details of the fantastical such as creating drama with skies and clouds and setting the scene with mountains and caves and my own personal favorite Forests, trees and foliage, drawing stuff like this really makes your landscapes appear realistic and more inspirational when done in the right composition.

Also worth noting is the pages on water and reflections which is only 2 pages long, but I felt you really gain an understanding of creating water with some examples of water as a reflective surface, I suppose it's all about knowing your light sources and trying to study real photo sources of water to gain an improved understanding of fantasy waterfalls and imagined water that moves with other elelments such as ships and people.

Chapter three - Creating fantasy realmsis a really great chapter that slots quite well with drawing fantasy architecture with cities and exploring different landscapes that are imaginable and quite obvious ones to create such as the waterworld and forest setting and the mountain range is equally a great inspired section of a useful book altogether.

Chapter four - Gallery shows you more inspirational art from top fantasy artists with different scenes of fantasy landscapes shown to inspire and help your imagination. The ideas and artwork on offer here in this gallery section is useful as it is created in a range of different media, digital and traditional art and shows you the possibilities in many creative ways.

This 125 page art book is a great learning addition to any fantasy artists library and is quite possibly an essential read and an inspired choice of reading for artists all over the world.

Draw And Paint Fantasy Landscapes Book

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Draw Fantasy Landscapes

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    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 6 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Sounds like a great book for people who are learning how to draw landscapes.