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Driving to and Photographing The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Updated on September 4, 2012

Map to sculpture park 808 Screen Capture

Driving to & taking photos of The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

For anyone who usually reads my stuff, this isn't it 'usual' not really about phones or tech, more a bit personal and storyfied (if that's a word) so now may be a really good time to leave and find something a little more interesting ?

I am a creature of habit , mainly due to the job I have and the lack of 'me time' it allows me and the fact the only day I have to do stuff I want to do is Tuesdays, the one day I don't work ! If you've read this far you potentially 'virtually' know me so this is how today went.

Every Tuesday I try and sort out my life outside of work, a few domestic chores, todays highlight being stripping my bed and washing my bedding then doing my weekly shop, this is normally followed by a visit to see my mother, getting my ironing to my ironing lady (I don't do ironing) and then the rest of the day is normally mine to browse the web, nip out and take pictures with my Nokia phones (which has been more photo orientated since I got my Nokia 808) or go to the pub, I live alone so can do what I like. Today did not go according to plan ! I've been trying to think of stuff to take pictures of with my phone that are not flowers or insects, as someone mentioned there's a lot of that on the web, also I'm not a professional anything and so am experimenting and trying stuff out in the hope I can learn more about the camera on the 808 and also produce stuff I like and maybe others may find interesting.

View of Park

Geese in the Henry Moore section of park
Geese in the Henry Moore section of park

So today started fairly conventionally for me, chores almost done and I get a text from my mum that she's going out for lunch with a friend and would call in to see me about three instead of me going down to her house, no major issue , but I'd decided to drive over to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Wakefield to see if there was anything interesting or unusual I could practice my photography on ,so my day had kinda been put on an unplanned schedule.

My other issue was that I have been using an electric car for the past few weeks, the Mitsubishi iMieV and although it's supposed to do up to 90 miles on a full charge, like almost all cars I've dealt with in the last 35 years, manufacturers claims are not always something to be relied on, unless you live on a rolling road ! Now I'd fully charged the iMieV on monday in case I wanted to do anything today, so having been out a couple of times before I didn't think the trip to the sculpture park would be a problem, a round trip of about 40 miles, and despite the frustration of accelerating extremely slowly and keeping to bellow 60mph on the motorway ( the car is actually quite nippy and will do over 80mph but like any car the harder you press the accelorater the quicker the tank, or in this case the battery cell , runs out and I wouldn't have the option to recharge it in a park) I got to the park fine and assumed an hour or so wandering round snapping photos would leave me plenty of time to get back home and meet my mum, I was wrong, having just put a number of pound coins into the parking meter at the Sculpture Park I got a phone call from a double glazing salesman to ask me where I was, I'm having the windows and door replaced at home and had forgotton the appointment for measuing up !! DOH !! I appologised and said I'd be home in a couple of hours and proceded to rush round the park trying to find stuff to snap, unfortunately , the site is MASSIVE, I had a 'Sculpture Park' in my mind as a field with a few interesting statues, it's more the size of Richmond Park , covering acres of hilly land and a couple of lakes and really needs a return visit with a LOT more time !!

Shots of Henry Moore Sculptures

Looking up the hill to a Moore Bronze
Looking up the hill to a Moore Bronze
More Moore with More Moore in the background :)
More Moore with More Moore in the background :)

So I am now in the position of having spent a few quid parking up the car and arranging to meet two people and being in the middle of a field with an electric car that I couldn't exactly rush home with. I decided to carry on round the park for about an hour, then get back on the road, but unfortunately I kind of lost track of time and so ended up rushing up a hill with my lungs bursting due to my lack of fitness and having only about 30 minutes spare to get back for my rearranged double glazing appointment, the result being, the 62 miles I had left in my car battery was down to 12 by the time I got home.

Anyway, once I have sifted through the photos I took, I'll post this, hope somebody like some of them, hope two or three people read enough of this for there to be any point to my using my two finger to type it and in future, try to plan ahead, research my destination and check my diary.

More random shots of sculpture and scenery around the park

Moore Bronze in 38 & 8 Megapixel Creative


Final Set of Pics

Thanks for reading and normal service will be resumed as soon as I have anything tech related to drone on about in the future.

Link to originals on Flickr here

Stephen Quin



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