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Emergence-The Photoshop way to praise

Updated on December 18, 2014

What is ‘Emergence’?

‘Emergence’ is a self made simple tutorial for Photoshop lovers. It teaches you attributing a divine appearance to a deity, revered personality or any image for that matter. For example you may, for some occasion, need a photograph of Abraham Lincoln. ‘Emergence’ may be applied to the snap to give it a special look. It may also be applied to the snap of a rising star. Say, Virat Kohli is such a name in Indian cricket which is supposed to scale phenomenal heights. So ‘Emergence’ suits his snap. In this tutorial we apply ‘Emergence’ to an image of Lord Krishna. Photoshop version CS6 is being used.

You can create ‘Emergence’ step by step in the way described below:

Step 1

Click FILE menu and then click NEW to open a new canvas.

Step 2

From the FILE menu click open the photograph of the desired personality/ deity/ rising star from the location stored in your computer.

Step 3

Select ‘Rectangular marquee tool’ from the left menu and select the part of the image you want to use in ‘Emergence’ by stretching the marquee tool’s rectangle over that part.

Step 4

Click ‘Move’ tool and move the selected part of the picture by dragging it and positioning on the blank canvas. At this point of time place the part picture near the mid-right end of the canvas. When you stop dragging and release the mouse you will be allowed to size the image according to your choice. Keep the image small, about one fifth of its original size. Look at the right menu. You will find ‘Opacity’. Minimize the opacity to about 60%. Small size and diminished opacity give the image an appearance as if it emerged from nothingness. The image should now look like this:

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 to 4 to form several copies of the same image increasing in size and opacity from right to left in succession on the body of the canvas. The final image will be of the original size and with 100% opacity, i.e. leftmost, brightest and biggest. The final emerged image looks like this:

Step 6

Save the image as a jpg file.


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