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The Value of Etsy Treasury

Updated on November 28, 2012

Etsy Treasuries are collections of items listed for sale that all have a common, theme, color, or occasion. Making Etsy Treasuries can be a whole lot of fun and are extremely addicting. In fact, very rarely will you come across an Etsy seller that has created only one.

Benefits of Etsy Treasuries

There are many benefits of creating treasuries on Etsy. First and foremost, it is a fabulous way to promote. When you publish an Etsy Treasury, it immediately appears on your activity log. Anyone in your circle will see your treasury, and it they choose, they can view your selection of items which will ultimately result in more views for your fellow crafters’ shops. And since each shop owner will receive notification within their own activity log that they have been featured in your Treasury, they will be more apt to check out your shop, or even return the favor the next time they create a Treasury of their own.

From a shop owner’s perspective, creating Treasuries also exapands your circle, and opens the doors to find new and exciting items and shops you may or may not have ever come across otherwise.

Etsy Treasury Tools

There are a few options in terms of tools for Treasuries you create. My favorite website for Etsy Treasury toolls in because they offer three extremely helpful tools designed especially for Treasuries that will significantly reduce time. They are:

  1. Schmetsy Sketchy: This tool lets you save a draft of your Treasury so that you can either finish it or publish it later.
  2. Treasury Maker: This tool allows yopu to make a Treasury in half the time because the application adds integrated smiley faces next to each item’s price, which with a simple click, instantly sends the item to your current draft Treasury.
  3. Convo Sender: This tool lets you send one “convo” to all the sellers you featured in your Treasury all at the same time. Many times after you create a Treasury, you would like to personally contact the seller from the shop you featured to let them know you featured their item. However, sending 12 convos can be quite time-consuming. The Convo Sender tool does it all for you with just one click!


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