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Exotic wood Burls,kiln dried Burr - Amboyna matched woodburls for pen and knife

Updated on November 18, 2012

Burls formed in trees

Out growth of Trunks and Branches Called burls
Out growth of Trunks and Branches Called burls | Source

What is Burls, Burr

Wood is a natural, renewable material. And has lot of wonders in it. This is unbeatable nature's gift. To appreciate and enjoy the nature's gift , we must know more about the wood properties.As such, number of wood species regarded for its grain pattern, and the extraneous materials present in it. With the modern wood technology, exploring the wood properties and exploring the natural design patterns of wood species made possible.

Wood burls or burr is one such beautiful thing , nature presented to us. Exotic burls or Exotic burrs are from the some of the rare wood species. Even getting this type of burls or burrs also rare happening in wood species.

Burls or burrs are internal growth or knots deformation in a any species of standing trees, due to bacterial or natural defects. This can be found either part of tree trunk or roots .but protected under bark of the tree. It can be very small to big , varying in size. As such being rare one, the value of burls or burrs is very expensive.

And the grain pattern or design pattern of burls or burrs are really attractive and exotic. Being exotic and expensive,and rare in availability , the usage also limited and proud to have one .

Amboyna Burls, Burr

Amboyna Burl is a exotic burls found rarely in south east asian wood species. It is highly regarded burls in the world. This Amboyna burls found in Padauk wood. The color of the burls from yellow to gold to brown. Can be from 3" to 14 " in size . Bigger than this also found.

This type of Burls used in automobile dashboard. And knife handles. as well as architectural purposes. Even pen covers also used with Amboyna burls.

Even it is sold in the form of wood blanks or sliced burls also.

Most of the wood burls naturally dried to avoid any type of cracks and changes in color. Some of the kiln dried wood burls also available. Due to kiln dried , it may have some cracks and should be dealt carefully.

Usage of burls in various products

Burls are expensive and rich in look as well as aesthetic can be used in various places such as car dash board, guitar top , headphone cover etc., Being aesthetic in look can be used for making hand bags and even table tops and tea tables , dining tables and gift boxes also. Chosen burls should be small or big can be exploited in such a way to fit center of any object and gives more value for the objects.Even for exotic pens and knife handles made out of wood burls , which makes the products look aesthetic as well as unique.

Besides like natural burls , artificially made patterns are also available in clothes, blankets and leather , which may be good alternative to be chosen for applications. But Natural patterns remains superior because of its unique pattern and can't be replicated easily.And the person who hold the natural wood burl really proud of the same due to its uniqueness.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 6 years ago

      Thank u Naomi Banner, for stopping by to read the marvelous properties of wood.

    • Naomi's Banner profile image

      Naomi's Banner 6 years ago from United States

      The burls make for intereating wood grain patterns. Quite interesting indeed.