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Fun Fish Kids Crafts

Updated on August 7, 2013

Fun Kids Crafts with Fish

Having a party with a fish theme? Here are some ideas to try, all revolving around the water in some way, or fish. The best part is that each craft can be made at the pary and taken home, or they can all be done at home on a rainy day when they can't play outside.

Art Crafts Using Fish

Easy Fish Collage

  • Try making a collage using different cut out fish from colored tissue papers, different colored construction paper, or cut-outs from old magazines. Take a sheet of white contact paper and peel back the paper part. Place the sticky side up in front of each child, with a stack of different fish. Have each child arrange their collage in any way they want to.

Create Potato Fish Art Stamps

  • Carve a fish from the side of a cut potato. Use this as a stamp for tempera paints or water colors. Dip the potato stamp into each color and use to create different colored fish all over the paper. Create different sized and shaped fish from different potatoes for variety in the artworks.

Homemade Fishing Pole and Fish

  • Create a handmade 'fishing pole' from a thin wooden dowel. Then create a fish using cardstock. Have the child decorate the fish using bits of paper as scales, or even sparkly glitter that can be glued onto the fish for extra sparkle. Punch a hole in the mouth of the fish, and tie this to the end of the stick. The child can ten cast out and catch a fish each time.

Create an Underwater Fish Flap Scene (That Can Be Opened)

  • Use two pieces of cardstock. One piece, cut out different windows in different shapes, leaving one part still attached to the paper, to create a window or door that can be opened and closed. Turn over and place glue on the areas that don't have windows or doors. Stick this to the second piece of cardstock. Have the kids paint or color the outside in different blues, then have them open the windows or doors, and create mini scenes using different fish in each one. When done, the windows down below the sea can be opened to reveal different fish swimming in the water.

Songs to Sing

There are many different childrens songs to sing during crafting that revolve around fishing, water or boating:

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Three Little Ducks Went Out to Play
  • Make up your own song using 'The Wheels on the Bus', 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' or even 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider.' Use your own words and create different poems to the musical tunes that the kids can sing to.


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