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Gift Wrapping Your Presents - Ideas For You to Use

Updated on September 26, 2016

With increasingly frugal times upon us, more and more people are bringing personalisation into their gift giving. For some this means making their own gift hampers, or their own gifts, for others it means taking a little more care on the presentation of the shop-bought gifts they are giving.

With just a little thought and care you can transform a nice gift into something that is truly awe-inspiring - and seeing the gift recipient's eyes light up will make it all worth while.

Presentation can be key in lifting a simple gift giving into a truly enjoyable experience. The difference in cost to you can be cents/pennies, but your gift and it's lovely wrapping will be remembered long after the event.

Gift wrapping your presents: Ideas for you to use
Gift wrapping your presents: Ideas for you to use | Source

Choose More Luxurious Wrapping Paper

More luxurious looking wrapping paper doesn't have to cost more than regular or cheap paper, you just have to keep an eye out for it, or order it ahead of time so you always have some to hand.

You could even have a go at making your own paper if you're really adventurous and have the time and space!

Choose paper that is in the person's favourite colour, or reflects their hobbies or interests.

Even using regular brown parcel wrapping paper and finishing the gift with simple twine can look ultra chic - and now plain parcel paper is available in many colours too.

Gift Wrapping Your Presents - Ideas for You to Use: Gift boxes for gift wrapping.
Gift Wrapping Your Presents - Ideas for You to Use: Gift boxes for gift wrapping. | Source

Using a Gift Box to Impress

Just by using a simple gift box you can transform a present, especially lower cost items, from a simple gift into something more exciting. 

You can't beat the feeling of lifting the lid from a gift box to find out what's inside.

Gift boxes also make it easier to wrap many items, so you're saving yourself some effort there and giving yourself a better chance of producing a profesionally-wrapped package.

You can get gift boxes locally or online.  You can even find some gift boxes for small items that literally pack flat, meaning you can always have a handy supply of boxes at  home or in your desk drawer at work, that won't take up too much space.

Gift Wrapping Your Presents: Ideas for You to Use - Jute rope
Gift Wrapping Your Presents: Ideas for You to Use - Jute rope | Source

Tie it in a Knot, Tie it in a Bow!

You can use string to tie up a gift, string is good for gift wrapping larger, bulkier presents. String can come in a variety of types and colours too.

Simply wrap your gift up with paper, perhaps now's the time for that coloured parcel wrapping paper! Secure it with sticky tape, then finish it off with some jute just for decoration. A plain old-fashioned 4-way, cross-shaped wraparound with string, finished off with a bow.

You can get string from a variety of shops, craft shops or even DIY shops when you're next in town, or you can usually source a greater range online, or look for inspiration and to find the name of the product you're after.

Jazz It Up With Cheery Ribbon

Ribbons come in many sizes, colours and patterns.  Just adding a simple ribbon to your gift box or paper-wraped gift is a simple way to produce instant results.  If you have a selection of ribbons tucked away then you're just a few seconds away from finishing with a flourish.

You can also buy ribbon that's already fashioned into small or large bows.

By simply cutting two lengths of ribbon and wrapping them singly in a cross around a gfit, securing them on the underside with a dab of glue, then popping a small or large bow to one corner, you've got a gift that looks a million dollars.

Use contrasting ribbons and colors.

Embellishments: Stickies and Glitter

If you want the slightly more extravagent, or personalised look, then embellishments and glitters can add an extra dimension to your handiwork.

Emebllishments are tiny stick on letters, numbers, shapes or figures that can be stuck onto your gift box. They can be anything from a simple miniature rose, through to an adventurous crowd or sports scene. Maybe a stork if the gift is for a new mother, or a teddy if the gift is for a child. A musical instrument could be added for somebody interested in music, especially if the gift is music-related too.

Alternatively, you can use pretty stick on embellishments simply to make the package stand out, maybe some pearls, beads, tiny diamonds or heart shapes.

Rhinestones are popular to stick on - either a simple patch of them, or perhaps in a shape, maybe spelling out the person's name.

A sprinkling of glitter, or some glitter spray can finish off the effect.

So That's Got it All Wrapped Up!

I hope this article's inspired you to think a little more creatively about how you gift wrap your presents. It's lovely to receive a well wrapped present, but it's just as lovely to give one.

Just set yourself some time aside to gift wrap your presents in future, you'll feel and see the benefits for yourself.

And if you don't have the time to do it yourself, why not cheat and simply buy a gift that is already giftwrapped for you!

If you have any tips on gift wrapping presents, why not leave a comment in the comments box below so others can benefit.

Happy gifting!

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