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Ideas to Make Your Own Gift Hampers

Updated on November 14, 2016
Gift Hampers for Profit or Fun.
Gift Hampers for Profit or Fun. | Source

If you learn to make your own hampers, you can give a personalised gift at a fraction of the cost of buying a hamper from a shop - and make it look like it cost a lot more. All you need are some great hamper ideas.

The beauty of making your own gift hampers is that it doesn't require any real skill or experience. Even if you're the world's biggest disaster at crafting, even you can create a beautiful hamper, simply by spending your time on getting it right.

By setting aside just a little time, you'll very quickly learn:

  • How to wrap a gift hamper
  • How to make a hamper at home
  • Everything you need for hamper making

Once you've done it once, you'll then want to explore other ways - and eventually you'll settle on "your style" and be able to wrap a hamper in under a minute, yet have it looking like it's a gift for a Queen. For more hamper ideas, read on...

How Do You Make Your Own Gift Hamper?

Learning to make your own hampers is really very simple, you just bring together items you think the person will enjoy and like and bring them together in an attractive package!

What You'll Need to Make Your Own Gift Hampers:

  • A wicker basket, or other attractive box
  • Packing materials
  • The items to put in your hamper
  • The finishing touches

Learn How to Make Hampers from a Book

If you don't have many great ideas yourself, then you can start to learn how to make hampers from a book. There are plenty out there which can take you step by step through all the processes. Simply use the book ideas as your template to make hampers until you can start to incorporate your own twist into the hamper design.

Books on how to make hampers are intended for you to copy the ideas! So don't feel bad that you need a little help to get started. Think of it as a "study at home" course that's flexible.

How to Profit From Hampers

When you put these simple gift hampers together, you can make money working from home making gift hampers for profit - and it's an easy business to get into because you simply need to learn a couple of quick wrapping techniques and think about what items could make up hampers that people would want to buy.

You can explore hamper ideas such as:

  • Hampers to Order: simply provide people with a range of hampers to choose from, packing materials to choose from, included items - then make them to order.
  • Make to Sell: make up 2-3 different hampers and sell copies of those: if you are more comfortable sticking with what you know you can do, just having to build up the same hampers as required, then this can be an easy route to profit from hampers. Become known for doing just one type of hamper exceedingly well!
  • Throw A Hamper Party: either organise your own hamper parties, or (better) find people who wil host a hamper party. Simply take hamper supplies, packing materials and goodies to go in them and hold party plan style parties and sell the items to people to either take away with them, to order from you and be delivered back to the host a week later, or even turn it into an activity party. A great way to get moms together for a fun-filled day that includes the kids, so no child-care issues.
  • Activity Days: come up with a format for running hamper workshops, people pay you to come and put together a hamper on the day. Half day craft workshops where they either pay one fixed price and are limited in what they get, or they buy the items from you on the day at cost and you get paid for running the workshop to show them how to do it.
  • Local Hotel and Holiday Lettings: contact local hotels, guesthouses and lettings businesses, offer your hampers through their booking system. They get to make some money from an upsell in their booking procedure, then they order the hampers from you. Offer special Valentine's Breaks Hampers as well as regular holiday hampers. Just a dozen or so good local hotels or accommodation providers could keep you in big profits without any further work.

I'm sure you can think of a few other ways to profit from hampers!

Wicker Baskets for Gift Hampers

Traditionally most gift hampers are placed into wicker baskets.

These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and quite often you can even buy a small bulk lot (say 3-12 baskets) at quite affordable prices - it's always worthwhile keeping a couple in the back of a cupboard as you can instantly make up gifts on demand when you need to!

Most gift hampers are open-topped, perhaps finished off with what is called cello paper (that's the see through plastic you get round bunches of flowers), however, a lot of expensive or food hampers are often of the lidded wicker basket variety.  Which style of hamper you choose is up to you, but the lidded variety will be a lot more money than the open-style.

Hamper Packing Materials

Once you've got your hamper, you will need to stuff it full of filler material. The filler material is there for three reasons really:

  • It protects the individual items in the hamper from each other and in transit
  • It helps to make the whole package look more attractive, many people will buy a hamper JUST because it's caught their eye
  • It enhances the perceived value of the overall gift, even sawdust makes a food hamper more expensive as a small jar peeks temptingly out of the pile

There are many styles of hamper packing materials available, from wood shavings and fine straw to coloured shredded tissue paper.  What is popular with some people at the moment is shredded banknotes (not real ones obviously!). 

Think About Weight

One thing to consider with packing materials is the weight.  Shredded paper is obviously going to weigh less and go further and cost less than wood/straw.  You have to think about the weight to:

  • have it posted to you - the heavier  it is, the more it costs
  • for you to pick it up/move it about - it can be a pain if you have to move spare stocks into your loft or a shed outside
  • the weight of the finished hamper - you have to get it to your customer or friend and they have to get it home
  • the weight of posting it to people if you're selling your hampers online or by mail order

What To Put In Your Gift Hampers

What you put into a gift hamper will vary, depending on who it is for.  If you are doing it with somebody special in mind, then you've probably already got an idea.  But if it's ideal for them, then maybe you have discovered a niche and could create your first one, then photograph it to make them for other people.

When you make a gift hamper, you'll be thinking about the person, their likes or their needs.  Maybe for a young man you might make a hamper containing aftershave, a keyring, a football mug and a gadget; perhaps your hamper is for a new baby and you want to make up a hamper of nappies, cotton buds, a dummy/comforter and a small teddy. 

There's an endless mix of what you could put into a gift hamper - perhaps a hamper of miniature alcohol bottles, or a chocolate hamper, full of somebody's favourite bars of chocolate.  With old fashioned sweets being popular, you could even create a hamper containing small bags of sweets that were popular 30-40 years ago.

Generic hampers are often beauty products.  An elegant collection of hand balm, face cream, bubble bath, hair conditioner.  Or, for teenage girls, a makeup hamper - giving them a huge collection of great new makeup to try out .. and why not slip in some makeup wipes and a mirror too.

Half the fun is finding and picking the things to go into your hamper.

Wrapping Hampers

Wrapping hampers is something anybody can do well, by just taking a little bit of time. If you're a confident gift wrapper than you won't even have to think about it. If you're not confident, then simply go at it slowly, once you've got a way that works for you you'll become so speedy others will be in awe just watching you and thinking "wish I could do that!"

The easiest way to wrap up a hamper is to simply take a large sheet of cello paper, place the hamper in the middle, then bring the sides up to meet above the basket and goodies and secure it. After that it's just some decoration that's needed.

Cello paper is the hard plastic paper that you get wrapped around bunches of flowers at the florists. It's ideal because it's lightweight, easy to manipulate, cheap, lets people see what's in the hamper - and once finished with some ribbons etc it can look stunning.

Ideas for Wrapping Small Hampers

If your hampers are very small, 1-2 item hampers, you might decide that just using plain cling film is sufficient - just seal the cling film under the basket and secure with a piece of sticking tape.

Using cello paper again, you can just wrap the gift hamper tightly, again sealing the cello paper under the basket and securing with a piece of tape.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches can be what truly makes your gift hamper stand out from the crowd.

If you're using cello paper to wrap the gifts, you can get some simple twist ties to secure them. After that you can affix ribbons, bows or other decorations.

Ribbon comes in just about every width, colour, pattern, shade and style imaginable. You can cut the ribbon ends using shaped scissors, or with pinking shears, or even fold them over and glue the ends before affixing small decorations on the ends, perhaps a tiny stork if it's a baby hamper, or the numbers 18 or 21 if it's a birthday hamper. These items are sold by craft shops online and offline and are called embellishments.

Other things you can do is to spray the cello with glitter spray, which comes in many colours, or learn to create curled ribbon (simply run the ribbon across the blade of a sharp pair of scissors).  Look around you, see what other people are doing.  Every time you create a gift basket, you can add  in new ideas and find for yourself what's easy, what looks fab and what works well.  What makes people go ooooh!

And That's It!

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Hampers make lovely gifts and it's something you can do to give handmade well thought out personalised gifts, or to buy more easily for people you don't know that well ... or to turn into your own cottage industry, selling gift hampers online or offline at local craft shows, boot sales, or even sell to local shops!

I hope you've found it informative and you're all fired up now to create your very first professional-looking gift hamper!

Good luck - and leave your feedback in the comments box below, I'd love to know how you're getting on or if you have any great hamper tips.

New Ideas for Gift Hamper Wrapping

There are new ideas for gift hamper wrapping all the time - so if you just keep an eye out in magazines, shops, or on the television, you might suddenly have a great new genius idea on how to wrap gift hampers in a unique way!


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    • profile image

      Robert Dugan. 

      5 years ago

      Hi there,

      It's 1.49am in the morning here in the UK, and I am looking for away to make extra money, when I came across you website.

      I have decided to start a business making gift baskets all year round.

      Thank you for the information you have given me, tomorrow I am going to start researching my business for wholesalers etc.

      Kind regards.

      Robert Dugan (Bob).

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      What's size of cello paper do u have to buy for a big hamper ?

    • RalphGreene profile image


      9 years ago

      Great hub.Thanks for the information.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Fantastic article! Very informative and exciting to read. Thanks!

    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      What's Hot: Right now Valentine's Day Hampers are flying off the shelves. Buying some red hearts and chocolates wrapped in red foil gives some great "sprinkle over" items. For the shredded paper style base, pale pink shredded tissue paper.

      If you've learnt how to wrap a hamper and have been making Valentine's Day Hampers this year, then you've probably just seen the biggest rush for your services this year.... and don't forget it'll soon be Mother's Day - so get making those Mother's Day Hampers now.

    • profile image

      shredding paper fort lauderdale 

      10 years ago

      Great ideas especially for me who i work at a shredding company. Maybe we will begin another business after a better research of this possibilities.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      thanks for the ideas


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