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Godox Ving 860c - For quality flash photography images

Updated on July 4, 2015

The Godox Ving V860c

A basic but functional (and cheap as chips) flash gun.
A basic but functional (and cheap as chips) flash gun. | Source

Up until very recently I have to admit that I was a brand snob and when it comes to my digital photography equipment, and it was canon (I am obviously a Canon shooter) or nothing at all. Things have changed, and all it took was the need for a new flash gun and a credit card that was almost maxed out.

At the time funds were low but I needed another flash gun to add to use alongside my Canon 430EXii. At the time I really wanted the Canon 580 EXii but funds wouldn’t permit so the only option was to look at the third party flash units, which I didn’t want to do. However, needs musts and all that…….

Long story short, I ended up buying the Godox Ving 860c, and since I have been using the Godox Ving Ving 860c for a few months now I thought it was about time to review it and let everyone know my thoughts and opinions on this gem of a flash gun.

Features of the Godox Ving 860c

In summary the key (and arguably most important) features is that the Godox Ving 860c:-

a) Has a guide number of 58 (on par with the Canon 580EXii)

b) Offers full ETTL

c) Offers HSS up to a staggering 1/8000 (depending on the camera)

d) Offers up to 650 full power pops on a single charge

It is clear that the Godox Ving 860c is a powerful little flash gun that is jam packed full of features commonly found on flash guns that are way more expensive.

Powering the Godox Ving 860c

The Godox Ving Ving 860c has an internal lithium battery that is not only powerful but lasts for ages. ON a ful charge you can fire the Godox Ving Ving 860c hundreds of times (even at full power) so there is enough juice for even the longest shoots.

It was the internal battery system that made me investigate the Godox VIng Ving 860c further in the first place. My wife is tired of the AAA battery charges (not to mention the dozens of AAA batteries I have) all over the place, and with this system this issue is eradicated which is great for me because it means a happy wife, i.e. less ear ache for me, and means I don’t have to carry several batteries around with me on shoots.

The Godox Ving Ving 860c cannot be hooked up to an external battery pack, which some people may seem as a disadvantage, but in reality this is not an issue because the battery is powerful, long lasting and the recycle time is exceptionally quick.

Build quality of the Godox Ving 860c

First off I have to say that my Canon branded flash has a better build quality than the Godox Ving 860c but considering the difference in price this is to be expected. That said, the build quality of the Godox Ving 860c isn’t too far behind and it is a sturdy flash gun that (I think) is going to provide years of service.

The Godox Ving 860c feels robust, sturdy and weighty and like it is more than capable of doing the job, and like it is going to last a long time.

Changing the settings on the Godox Ving 860c

Even though the Godox Ving 860c has all the features of the Canon flash gun it is simpler to use, intuitive and more user friendly. To be honest, I prefer using the Godox Ving 860c and would choose it over my Canon 430EXii flash gun every time, and here’s the reason why……

The buttons on the back of the Canon 430EXii flash are small, fiddly and changing the settings is a total pain. Okay, you can change the settings using the camera’s menu but there are times when it is easier to change the flash settings on the back of the flash than playing around with the camera’s menu. Hand holding the flash off-camera for macro photography, for example.

When hand holding the flash I alter the flash settings on the back of the unit and, since the Godox Ving 860c has big protruding buttons it is quick, simple and accurate. There is also a click wheel on the back of the Godox Ving 860c to change the power output which is way faster than the tiny button on the back of the Canon 430EXii.

Yep, manually changing the settings on the Godox Ving 860c is very quick, very easy, very accurate and far superior to Canon branded flash units.

You can use this falsh gun in both full manual and ETTL modes, and since I use both (depending on the shooting situation) I can honestly say that both work exceptionally well.

Setting buttons

Big buttons = easy to change settings
Big buttons = easy to change settings | Source

Price of the Godox Ving 860c

I bought my Godox Ving 860c online and paid £109.99 (including delivery), which for a flash with all these features is peanuts. I have to admit that I was sceptical before buying the Godox Ving 860c (it seemed too cheap to be any good) but now I have been using this brand of flash for a few months now I have to say that I am more than impressed, and I really do struggle to see how Godox Ving 860c can make such a good flash gun for such a low price.

For the cost of less than one Canon EX580 I managed to buy 3 Godox Ving Ving 860c, two Yongnuo 622C triggers and one Yongnuo 622 TX transmitter. That’s right, for the cost of less than one Canon 580EX ii branded flash gun I was able to buy a complete three flash set up, and radio triggers (that are both ETTL and HSS compatible). How cool is that?


As I am sure you have guessed by now I can’t recommend the Godox Ving 860c anymore, and I am a total convert. The Godox Ving V860c is tough, sturdy and durable (not as much as the Canon but it isn’t far behind), it is intuitive and user friendly, the ETTL and HSS work exceptionally well and the battery life, and the fact I no longer need AAA batteries, is awesome.

Canon, and the other major photography equipment manufacturers should be worried because I can see Godox becoming more and more popular and taking a lot of the flash gun market with this awesome flash.

Would consider the Godox V860c?

Godox V680c or Canon 580EXii?

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Any comments or questions?

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