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Granny square crochet wall decor/ afgan

Updated on March 14, 2012
granny square crocheted by me
granny square crocheted by me | Source
another granny square afghan made by me
another granny square afghan made by me | Source

I have been " trying " to crochet for a long time now. After many projects ( some were disastrous) I have upgraded myself to the grade of intermediate in the rank of crocheters ( the three ranks are beginner, intermediate and expert. ) To know more about my crocheting experiences go through and

Many of my friends read these hubs and instead of crocheting a cap, they asked me to crochet a cap for them in exchange of "gifts" ! So here i was busy crocheting lots of beanies and my makeup box was getting heavier day by day much to the surprise of my husband who kept wondering on the number of lipsticks I had purchased. Now the yarn which I purchased was enough to prepare two beanie caps and by the end of the beanie cap assignment, I had lots of leftover yarns which I could not use for crocheting caps. This time I wanted to prepare something from the leftover yarn which was easy and fast to make. Bored with making the beanies now I wanted to make a table mat. However I had to quit the idea because I have a big table and I wanted something which could be completed soon. Honestly I was not interested in a project which would a longer time to complete.

The picture is of the granny square wall decor which I have crocheted. I was confused whether I should make it a table mat or a wall decor. So I uploaded the picture of this crocheted item and asked for their advice and many of them said to make it a wall decor. I still am toying with the idea so any suggestions from your side will be very much appreciated. I have used the following :-

  • crochet needle of 5.5 mm
  • rainbow yarn (worsted)
  • navy blue yarn (worsted)
  • real teal turquoise yarn (worsted)

** To know how to crochet step by step granny square ( written instructions) go thorough my hub **

I got the yarns from Walmart each yarn is of 364 yards (333 m) each costing around $3. Though I did not use all the three yarns fully. Use a thicker yarn to complete the project faster. I would suggest everyone who is the beginners stage should use bulky yarn to practice crochet. Not only can you find the faults easily, you can even finish your crochet projects sooner.

I am sharing the various links from which I took help to make the granny square pattern. There are various patterns of granny square. I am sharing the crochet instruction of a particular pattern. The only stitch used mostly in this pattern is the double crochet. ( How to do double crochet - ) With this pattern, mistakes can be found easily and can be rectified immediately.

Please do vote and let me know what shall I do with this project? Shall I continue crocheting and make it a table cover or decorate it with accessories to make it a wall decor ? Any suggestions on this will be very helpful for me.

Should I make this crocheted item a table cloth or add accessories and make a wall decor ?

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How to Crochet for Beginners : How to Make a Double Crochet Stitch


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    • dipsmi profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Plymouth, Minnisota

      that was a really sweet reply... thank you skye2day :)

    • skye2day profile image


      6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Girlfriend this gives me hope!! lollol Thank you for sharing. I like the wall idea myself. Add to it and if you dont like make it a mat??? Seems like a hobby that does not cost an arm and a leg. Hugs to you sister.


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