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Guide to Tangled Crochet Magazine

Updated on April 4, 2011

Tangled is a crochet magazine that is fresh, fun and funky. If you are someone who enjoys crochet then it’s definitely something that you need to check out. Don’t just take my work for it, though … read on to find out more about what makes Tangled Crochet Magazine so great.

Tangled is an online crochet magazine

Tangled is not your traditional crochet magazine that you go to the newsstand to pick up or receive in your mailbox because you have a subscription. Tangled is an online crochet magazine. You can access it online.

There are many reasons that it’s great to choose an online crochet magazine these days.  Some of those reasons include:

o   It’s there at your fingertips as soon as it has been published. There is no worrying about when it’s going to arrive in the mail. There are no subscription delays because of post office problems. There is no chance that your magazine is going to be stolen. It’s there on the Internet for instant gratification as soon as the publishers release it.

o   Online magazines offer interactive content. For example if you see a pattern that you like in Tangled then you can usually follow a link in the magazine to an online video tutorial that teaches you what you need to know in order to complete the pattern. If you get confused when trying to follow a pattern in a traditional crochet magazine then you just need to figure it out yourself!

o   There isn’t clutter or paper waste. Online crochet magazines are not printed out on paper so as long as you don’t go printing out a bunch of the information that you get online then there is no paper waste or clutter with an online magazine subscription like a subscription to Tangled. This is important because it is a more eco-friendly option than getting paper magazines. Many crocheters like to be earth-friendly and show concern for the environment and the online crochet magazine offers that option. Additionally many crocheters find it really hard to get rid of physical crochet magazines with patterns that they might want to use one day and that results in a whole lot of clutter around the house. That’s not a problem if you have an online magazine subscription!

o   The archives are online. If there are crochet patterns that you want to bookmark for another time then you can do that because online crochet magazines like Tangled keep their archives online for easy access. Convenient and still no clutter!

Tangled Combines Knitting and Crochet

There are plenty of people who only crochet and don’t knit at all. In fact, I’m one of them (not sure if it will always be this way but it is for now). Nevertheless there are probably even more people who enjoy both types of needlearts and Tangled is great because it caters to both sets of people. There are plenty of crochet designs so that this online crochet magazine can satisfy people who have no intention of ever learning to knit. But there are also designs for knitters so people who do both crafts can have a nice selection. What is really cool is that they sometimes feature versions of one craft that can be done in the other. For example, they recently had an issue that showed off a “peanut butter and jelly” combo. The jelly shirt was done in knitting and the peanut butter shirt was the same design done in crochet. Awesome!

Tangled Has Super Current Crochet Fashions

This online crochet magazine is not your grandma’s crochet. The fashions in this magazine are cutting edge and fashion forward. You don’t have to worry about being totally out of date, clumsy in your designs or making only doilies. Not that there’s anything wrong with doilies but there’s definitely a need in the market for crochet patterns that cater to the modern gal and Tangled fills that need well!

Other Stuff About Tangled

Some of the things that you will want to know about Tangled if you are interested in this crochet magazine include:

o   It is a new crochet magazine. The premier issue just came out in Fall 2010. They released a Holiday 2010 mini issue and then came out with their Winter 2011 issue which is a full issue available online. It’s a really great new magazine but because it’s new it might change over time and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how it does change!

o   Subscriptions are free! You can see everything that there is to enjoy in the magazine online. However if there is a pattern in the magazine that you do want to get then you will need to pay for the PDF version of the pattern. Heck, that’s fair. You only pay for what you want with this crochet magazine! There is easy checkout for those PDFs so you’re not waiting on patterns for any length of time.

o   Tangled is produced by two women – Brittany and Tracy. Tracy is the “visual multimedia fairy” of the two and a knit / crochet designer who showcases her patterns on Ravelry under the user name Bri-Knit-tany. Tracy is a crochet designer who has been published in traditional print crochet magazines like Interweave Crochet and who calls herself the “chief executive yarn queen” of the Tangled endeavor.

Sounds great – where do I find Tangled?

You can find Tangled online easy. It’s right here.


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  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

    It sounds like my kind of magazine. I have to look into it. Rated up and useful.

  • Sinea Pies profile image

    Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

    Free subscriptions! I love it. Maybe I will take up crocheting again. Thanks for the great information.