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Harley Davidson Patches

Updated on August 29, 2010

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the most distinctive vehicles on the road. To want a matching clothing Harley Davidson patches on a jacket is the way forward.

You get used to the recognition soon enough on the road. However the same can't be said about motorcycle jackets. Yes the padding and build of a motorcycle jacket  (compared to say a fashionable jacket) is distinctive, but you know it's a Harley rider when there are accompanying patches.


Like a lot of Harley Davidson decals, patches are designed with bald eagles, flames, the USA flag and motorcycle club logos.

Every single one of them looks great and you are free to place them anywhere you want on your clothing. High up on a jacket (top of chest, back, arms and shoulders) are the most common area. But they also look good down low, around the waste and on leather pants.

They are an affordable addition and yet add a distinctive style cue to your attire. Available in many sizes, typically they are around the size of the palm of your hand.

Clubs in particular enjoy the benefits of patches as they are always on the outside to advertize your affiliation. Tattoo's aren't on show so much when you're riding for the more safety conscious rider. 

In addition they can be associated with charity. Raising money by selling patches and promoting the cause by wearing them is a great way to help others whilst following your own passion.

They are commonly given out on a run (a mass excursion for bikers either for a cause or pleasure) to show you was there. The more you have, the more committed you are. So the next time you see a Harley rider with a lot of patches, take a closer look, they might have raised hundreds or even thousands of dollars for charity, and are proudly showing that off.


Harley do issue their own patches, and you can pick these up in a Harley Davidson store or approved retailer. However also have a small stock of the more popular designs and offer a safe and quick way of getting the patches delivered to your door. So well worth checking out too. There are plenty of other online retailers who also stock patches and are well worth checking out, especially if you are mass ordering for club or charity purposes and should be able to negotiate a discount.


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