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Princess Costume for four year old girl

Updated on February 11, 2014

My daughter with all the accessories & gown

My daughter with all the accessories & gown
My daughter with all the accessories & gown | Source

Making a cute dress for my little princess

This hub is all about creating a princess frock for my 4year old daughter, for the little queen contest at her pre school class. The hub will take you through, how I bought the raw materials, how I designed the dress and other accessories and finally how I groomed her to the stage, with all the accessories.

Deciding On the Color

Since I do my kid's dress myself, it is not such a big deal to stitch a new gown for the show. But deciding on the color of the dress was a bit confusing. What her class teacher told was a white or light colored long frock, a crown.I had no Idea on how to work on that line further. Anyway I thought to stitch a grand one for my kid...

In search of color, I searched Google images, discussed with my friends and at the end, decided on the purple color, as the color itself looked gorgeous.

Buying the Materials

I had already decided, the material to be net and satin. We went to the largest shopping giant POTHY's and in the second floor, I could see the large collection of materials... I had no confusion in selecting the net, I took 5 meters of net material -purple color and selected around 3 meters of purple satin material.

My Daughter ready for the show

My Daughter
My Daughter | Source

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Making the Gown

After buying the material, may be due to over excitement, I was just blank with Ideas. I started like a normal frock, with normal frills. I made borders of the frock with laces. But the same looked very very ordinary and it just made me unhappy about the look of the frock.

Later I removed all the laces and started to stitch a long piece of satin material and made it in the form of a flower and stitched it towards the top right corner of the frock by hand. Then turned the rest of the cloth in such a fashion and brought it to the opposite direction and stitched them in place.

Now towards the waist part, I had a heavily worked purple colored lace, and attached the same to the waist. Now to add more beauty, I bought sequences and glued it using fabric glue.

Making the veil

Since the class teacher, said about the crown, I thought to come up with a bit more thing, a veil, which we use during First Holy Communion at Church. A small portion of violet satin was taken and made it to rectangle in shape, about 5 inch length. To this satin piece, I did attach the rectangle shaped net. Later decorated the satin piece with sequences glued to it. To hold the veil in place, I did created a thread piece from either side of the satin piece, so that it can be tied up in place.

My Sweet little queen

Ready for little queen contest
Ready for little queen contest | Source

The Basket Full of flowers

To add to the beauty, I did bought a jute basket from the market and some satin flowers of violet and white color, a white ribbon. I did arrange these in the basket and tied it to the basket, so that my kid won't take those flowers outside.

On the day of Contest

In the morning, I dressed my kid with the frock, tied the veil to her head, and gave her a pair of princess shoes and also gave her a necklace that suits her dress. Also a little touches up in her face.

All set & we are ready for the contest now!!!



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