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How To Draw A Fantasy Warrior - Drawing Tutorial

Updated on October 27, 2011

Drawing A Fantasy Warrior

Fantasy Warriors are up there with the other Fantasy icons like Dragons, Goblins and Trolls and drawing them takes a small understanding of anatomy and an interest in drawing a warrior. Here we will go through the drafting process of sketching a Warrior with tips on inking a Conan warrior type with a huge broad sword in hand and over the top muscles.

After this introductory hub, we will go in depth about drawing a warrior in action fighting and with more dynamic poses for your figure that you can really bring your fantasy warrior or Barbarian to life. There's a great book I reviewed called Drawing Dynamic Figures which is an amazing book which gives detailed advice and examples on drawing figures in lots of different poses.

Now starting to draw anything like a warrior can be difficult on the face of it, but hopefully the following videos will help at the very least give you some ideas and inspiration to try and give it a go drawing your own fantastic Warrior.

Watch the video and try and draw your own version of the Warrior.

Draft Drawing A Warrior Figure Video

Inking A Fantasy Warrior

Inking a drawing always must be planned out beforehand and really that is in the sketch or drawing stage were you should have a good idea where the light source is coming from and also where all of the shadow areas will appear on your sketch. As mentioned in other drawing tutorials, art materials and tools are cheaper than ever with the use of budget art equipment and the gel ink pen is one of those cheap and inexpensive ink pens that should be in any artists tool box.

Interestingly enough in the following video there are some small demonstrations of creating fur textures with the ink pens and some cross hatching too on certain areas which you may find useful and sometimes drawing lightly with an ink pen can produce whispy fine lines just like hairs, so always try and experiment with your own ink pens when drawing to get the best results.

Draw A Fantasy Warrior Continued - The Inking Process

Fantasy Warrior Concept Drawing

Fantasy warrior concept drawing copyright Wayne Tully 2011.
Fantasy warrior concept drawing copyright Wayne Tully 2011.

Draw Fantasy Warrior

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Yeah I have that one! it certainly is a great book, even after all of these years I think it was released in the 1970's which makes it around 40 years old, still relevant today.

      I'm going to do more focused drawing figures tutorials.

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Very good information here. I purchased an art book Drawing Comics the Marvel Way, for my son many years ago, He is currently studying graphic art in college.