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How To Make a Pearl, Crystal and Seed Bead Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings

Updated on May 29, 2014
Crystal, Pearl, and Glass Seed Bead Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings
Crystal, Pearl, and Glass Seed Bead Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings | Source
Photo #2
Photo #2 | Source
Photo #3
Photo #3 | Source
Photo #4
Photo #4 | Source
Photo #5
Photo #5 | Source
Photo #6
Photo #6 | Source
Photo #7
Photo #7 | Source

Jewelry Is A Woman's Best Friend.

Women love jewelry. Even my friends whose romantic husbands have lavished them with jewelry still love receiving jewelry. In fact, one of my relatives said that everything can be said with jewelry: "I am sorry" and "Happy Birthday" among the numerous holidays and celebration for women. Every woman looks special in jewelry, and they are so festive around Christmas and other holidays.

To Make This 19-inch Necklace Above, You Need These Supplies

Jewelry Pliers

1 beading board (optional)

scissors or wirecutter

5 big pearls

10 medium pearls

12 small pearls

7 large clear crystal rondelles

8 large purple crystal rondelles

8 large teal crystal rondelles.

8 medium clear crystal rondelles

2 medium red crystal rondelles

2 small purple crystal rondelles

2 small red crystal rondelles

68 large sparkling clear glass beads

1 sterling silver spring clasp

2 sterling silver large jump rings

2 sterling silver clamshell clasps

24 inches of beading wire strings (however, if you have a spool of wire strings, do not cut the wire string to length, and it may be easier to string them while the string is on the spool)

Step #1: The pattern is asymmetrical. First place the big pearls in the center and spread them.

Step #2: On the left and right side of the big pearls, add 5 medium size pearls with space in between them.

Step #3: Space 6 small pearls on either side.

Step #4: Between each pearl, add a seed bead between the corresponding size crystals. What I did here is space out the medium size crystals.

Step #5: What you have left is the pattern for the large pearls. So, I add seed beads between a large crystal. I first add a large clear crystal. And the next set of large crystals are the purple and teal crystals with the seed beads in between them.

Step #6: Add 5 seed beads at both ends of the necklace.

Step #7: Double check your pattern, making sure that there is a seed bead in between the pearls and crystals. Since crystals are glass, this will protect the abrasive contact between crystal and pearls and between crystals.

Step #8: After you completely finished your stringing, then add a clam shell clasp. String through the clam shell, where the end of the wire is close to the hook looking part of the clam shell. Carefully add four tight and close knots to the end of the wire. Cut off the excess, and what you end up is the equivalent of a fat knot that won't come off. Carefully close the clam shell. The first one is easier because you can have some slack in the string to work with. (Photo #4)

Step #9: No matter what level of skill, putting the clam shell on the other end is really tricky. Pull the string taut and give yourself 3 inches to work with. Cut the wire using a pair of scissors or wire cutter and string through. Again, try to put 4 close knots near the inside of the clam shell. Trim and close the clam shell. I notice that this step takes the longest time, up to 20 minutes if you do not give yourself enough wire. (Photo #7)

Step #10: Add the big sterling silver jump ring to the end of the clam shell and the close the hook side of the clam shell, finishing the one end of the necklace. (Photo #4)

Step #11: For the spring clasp end, open the big jump ring and connect the spring necklace clasp to the clam shell. This jump ring for this end is optional depending on the size of the hole in the necklace clasp. However, I used one because the hook on the clam shell is much wider than the hole on the necklace clasp.

Voila, even you can make this beautiful pearl, crystal, and seed bead necklace with sterling silver findings. If you want to find sterling silver findings, the best place to order them is at Bella Finding House.

Xuron 410 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
Xuron 410 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter

This is a high quality brand. You can buy a few pieces and see how you like them.

Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier
Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier

This is the one in Photo #6. This has a square end.



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    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      MartieCoetser, not only do I make new jewelry pieces, but I am the resident fixer for family, friends, coworkers, and kids' friends. What a handy skill. Thanks for visiting.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 6 years ago from South Africa

      Oh, this is beautiful. I love these kind of necklaces. One day, when I get the time, I want to make my own. I've got so many broken necklaces with lots and lots of beads to use. Excellent and usable hub!

    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks, Katrinasui.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      A good writeup on how to make a pearl.