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How to Crochet Heart Earrings for Valentine's Day

Updated on February 15, 2014

You will need:

  • yarn (in festive colors)
  • scissors
  • needle
  • crochet hook (a suitable size for the yarn)
  • 2 x jump rings (per earring)
  • earring finding (per earring)
  • pliers (two pairs)

In Eastern Ontario today, we have a snow day. The kids are staying home from school, the buses are not running and the driveway needs shovelling. Everything I've prepared for their Valentine's Day at school will have to wait for Tuesday now (Monday is Family Day).

This year, I made some crochet heart-shaped earrings for the teachers. The school is fabulous for encouraging staff and students to dress up for holidays and for decorating the halls so I felt confident that the teacher would enjoy wearing the earrings on the day. Of course, the weather has likely ruined all that, but these are the disadvantages of living in Canada.

Instructions for the crochet heart

For this tutorial, you will need to know the double crochet (DC), the triple crochet (TC), the slip stitch (Sl St) and the chain (Ch).

The whole pattern is worked into the same stitch, working in a circle around that first chain loop.

  • Ch 4
  • 3 x TC into the first chain loop
  • 3 x DC into the first chain loop
  • Ch 1
  • 1 x TC into the first chain loop
  • Ch 1
  • 3 x DC into the first chain loop
  • 3 x TC into the first chain loop
  • Ch 3
  • Sl St into the first chain loop
  • Sew in your tails

Instructions for adding the earring findings

While these small crochet hearts are great for adding to crochet hats, scarfs and blankets, they can also be made into jewellery. To make earrings, you'll need to buy earrings findings. These can be found at craft stores and at big chain stores like Walmart.

You will also need jump rings. These are inexpensive and can be found alongside the earrings findings at craft stores and Walmart.

Jump rings can be found in different sizes. You'll need fairly large ones for this project, as you'll need to hook them through the centre of the heart.

Hold the jump ring with two pairs of piers, with the opening on top. Twist one side of the ring toward you and the other away from you. Never open the jump ring pulling the jump ring outwards - you'll never get it back into shape.

Hook the ring through the centre of the heart and twist the jump ring back together. Open the second jump ring in the same way and hook it onto the first jump ring. While that second ring is still open, add the earring finding. Close the jump ring.

And your earring is complete!

Repeat for the second earring.


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      swilliams 4 years ago

      Very unique and cute!!!